Zumzum is a town somewhere in the boonies of Europa. It's important for plot development, as Zumzum is the place where Agatha, who's traveling with Master Payne's Circus of Adventure, first meets the Jägermonsters Dimo, Ognian (Oggie) and Maxim. In turn, it's also the place where the Jägers figure out that she's a Heterodyne, with all that that implies. The crew puts on the illustrious (notorious? ludicrous? frabjous?) play "Race to the West Pole" for an audience that includes none other than Othar Tryggvassen, Gentleman Adventurer -- who is a big fan of Master Payne's Circus, as it turns out.

Unfortunately, the peace and tranquility of an evening of high culture is disrupted by Jenka and Füst, who crash the party (and the gate) and create a great deal of trouble (and smoke and flames) before Da Boyz run them off. Since they were actually traveling companions, this left Jenka somewhat bemused. The town is rather the worse for wear after this, so who knows when we'll see it again. On the other hand, it's outside town, after the carnage, that Jenka gives the other Jägers the order to keep Agatha alive, which is certainly a good thing, at least from Agatha's perspective.