One of the Jägermonsters who accompany Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, Gil and Boris Dolokhov to Beetleburg for a friendly chat with the soon-to-be-late Tarsus Beetle. It's not completely clear when Zudok first appears, the initial batch of Jägers being more anonymous than the later crew, but he's first named here . He's distinguishable from the other Jägers in that entourage by having blond hair, or whatever passes for hair when attached to a Jäger, so probably his first appearance is here , where a blond Jäger is part of the argument about who gets to carry the inert Agatha Clay from Clay Mechanical to wherever they're going. He might even have shown up earlier, during the unpleasantness at Transylvania Polygnostic University; it's hard to be sure.

Clay MechanicalEdit

During the TPU episode, he's anonymous if present at all, but he plays an important role when the action shifts to Clay Mechanical as Klaus and Gil try to make sense of what's been going on. He disables the Search Engine when it objects to the way Gil is handling Agatha, gaining style points and appreciation from his fellow Jägerkin, but displeasing the Wulfenbachs, who were hoping to take the thing home for analysis. This gains him enough stature that he gets to help schlep Agatha off to the wagon for transport to Castle Wulfenbach, leaving an increasingly suspicious Gil in his wake. Clearly he's one of the Jägers whose sense of schmell tells them that there's more to Agatha than meets the eye, although the significance of this observation isn't clear for quite a while. In any event, he disappears from the story when the action switches to Castle Wulfenbach.

Post TimeskipEdit

Zudok makes a brief return when Agatha has escaped Martellus von Blitzengaard into the clutches of the Wulfenbach Sentinels. He is leading the team of Jägers that disables the sentinels and then rescues her after he makes a positive identification.

The NovelEdit

See the note for Stosh.

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