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Zentai Ninjas is a fan-coined name for what seems to be a group of British black-ops commandos who wear very distinctive uniforms, since this group has not been named in the comic. These soldiers first appear in the Queen's Society dome in Londinium, England.


Zentai ninjas

The weapons are more dangerous than they look.

The members of this British army unit wear black unitards that cover them entirely, including their hands and heads; in other words, Zentai suits. The black suits are set off by white cuffs at the wrist and high, white spats with brass (or at least brass-colored) buttons over black dress shoes. Each soldier bears a large, round British emblem on his chest.

The suits incorporate some kind of technology that allows patches of the fabric to glow dull orange. The glowing areas are two oval spots over the eyes, two horizontal stripes on the back of the head, and two vertical stripes running from the bottom of the British emblem down the legs to the knee. Each suit is equipped with a semi-cylindrical cover or shield, of unknown function, over the left shoulder that has a small, circular lens or opening centered in the front. Each soldier bears a very distinctive-looking and -sounding weapon that is a good deal more dangerous than it appears, based on the damage they do to Oggie.

The distinctive uniform appears to be for specific operations, judging by the later appearance of what appears to be the captain in a regular uniform .

Conflicting Loyalties[]

These soldiers are normally extremely loyal to Queen Albia, but have been turned into revenants, under the control of Lucrezia, when they first appear in the story. Albia, while possessing Trelawney Thorpe, is able to free them from Lucrezia's control, at least temporarily.

Possibly Relevant Outside Information[]

The weapons carried by these soldiers bear a distinct resemblance to an old toy in our world, the Wham-O Air Blaster.