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These are matches for the words "Zeetha, Daughter of Chump", "Zeetha daughter of Chump", "Zeetha".

Volume IV

A Traveling Show

Agatha Meets Zeetha

Zeetha's History

Crab Monster Attack!

The Circus Meets Bang

Gil is Having a Bad Day

Circus On the Road

Warrior Training Begins

Circus Life

Monster Horse Beastie

Everybody's Sparky!

Hanging Jagers in Town

Volume V


Agatha's Bad Plan

Jagermonsters Join the Circus

Lars Falls in Love

The Clank in the Woods

The Silverodeon is Repaired

Balan's Gap

The Real Rescue Party

Volume VI

The Rescue Party at Work

Two New Pages

The Rescue Party in the Deepdown

Short Story Break: "Personal Trainer"

The Rescue Party Rescued

Glowy Monsters


The Baron Arrives

The Really Nice View of Agatha's Signal



Opera Week Begins

Agatha Flips Out (Big Fight)

Calming Pie Perfected!

Leaving NOW!

Zeetha Has a Clue

Volume VII

Entering Mechanicsburg

Castle Heterodyne

Playing Tourist

About the Castle

Another Heir

Agatha Meets Von Mekkan

The Coffee Engine is Broken?!?

Coffee's Ready!

Troops Storm the Shop

Klaus Wakes Up

History Lesson

Radio Theater Break: Revenge of the Weasel Queen pt.1

Back to the Main Story

Spark Roast Coffee Ad

Agatha Faces Down the Castle

Everybody Fusses About the War Clanks

Gil Deals With It

Agatha Notices a Problem

Radio Theater Break: Revenge of the Weasel Queen pt.2

Zeetha Paper Doll

Volume VIII

Gil Wakes Up

Zeetha Bring Gil Up To Speed

"Jäger Girls" and Mama

Gil Paper Doll

A Diplomatic Meeting

Gil Works it Out

Barfight! Also: Higgs

Mechanicsburg Tourism

Gil's Great Plan

Gil Makes a New Plan

We Forgot the Crowd!

Now We Must Fight!

Always Wear Under Wear

Gil Introduces Himself

Agatha Catches the Show

Gil is Surprised

Fairy Tale Theatre Break: Cinderella

Volume IX

Gil in the Castle

Zola's Evil Plan (Muhahaha)

Gil Working on Repairs

How Gil Knows Zola

Let's Split Up!

The Castle Finds Gil

Smoochus Interruptus

Radio Theater Break: Revenge of the Weasel Queen pt.3

The Castle REALLY Flips Out

Volume X


Zeetha and Violetta Bond

Agatha Wins

I Know, Let's Fight!

Blowing a Gasket

Lucrezia's Secret Lab

Flirting Minions

Knocked Out

Frustrated Sparks


Higgs Knows Secret Passages

Aaaah! It's Zola!



Final Page of Volume 10

Zola Goes up to Eleven

Volume XI

Higgs Requests Leave

Extra page with Higgs and Zeetha

Repairs and Quibbling Continue Apace

Amazonian Flirting

Jager Meeting

Volume XII

Nuts and Squirrels and Grad Students

Agatha Working: full page art

Agatha and Zeetha try on Armor

More of that Kissing Stuff

Volume XIII

Gizmocracy Thanks

The Castle is Back!

Higgs and Zeetha ♥

Higgs and Zeetha Again

Through a Door


A Happier Reunion

Gil Awakens

Radio Theater Break: Small Problems

Volume 2-1

Some Ladies Come to Dinner

Knock, knock

A Snowy Impediment

Back to the Main Story

Flying Escape

Saint Szpac

Pickle Man Awake!

Church and State

The Train Arrives

To the Vaults!

What Lady Selnikov Did

Martellus Again

Arming Dinosaurs Wallpaper

Final Page of Act 2, Book One

Cinderella Paper Doll Fun

Volume 2-2

Talking to the Beast

Monk Tech

Hail to the King

The New Train

The Fighting Girls Tea and Cake Society

Lucrezia Comes to Visit

On the Train to Paris

Closer to Paris

Welcome To Paris Already

Fun In Paris

A Villain's Lair

Student Advisor

Colette's House

The Notebook

Cheyenne's Airship Regatta Poster

Couple's Time

Shopping in the Underground

Back in the Shop

Seffie is Cranky

Farther Underground

Volume 2-3

Visiting the Arguron King

The King is in the Building (non-canon)

Abducting the King

Princess Larana

The Incorruptible Library

Examining the Book

Sleepy Girls

Dungeon Crawl

More Dead Guys

More Smoke Knights

Accept The Acid Of Purification

You Do Not Understand

The Storm King Awakens

Looting the Dungeon

Aldin and Larana

Interpersonal Relationships

Checking Out of the Library

A Dream Come True

Volume 2-4

Agatha and her friends steal a ride

Geisterdamen in the Streets

Geister Dumpster Dive (non-canon)

Cannibalizing the Coach (non-canon)

Stealing Another Ride

Agatha's New Dress

The Return Of The King

Art Interruption: Slip Case Box Art (non-canon)

The New Master Arises

Paris Needs Pants

Volume 2-5

---First Page of Act 2: BOOK FIVE (GGvol.18)

Let's Go To England Already

Ivo Sharktooth: Private Jager

Agatha Arrives in England

Strange Poison and Mystery

Albia of England

Albia Makes an Offer

Agatha Settles in

The WORKS and Other Distractions

Someone Attacked Castle Wulfenbach

Albia meets Vapnoople

Agatha Meets Some New Colleagues

Zeetha Tells Her Story to a New Audience

Wooster Gets the News

Bunstable Needs Another Drink

Wooster, Tarvek and Higgs Arrive

Violetta Finds a Thief

Volume 2-6

---First Page of VOLUME 19 (Act 2: BOOK SIX)

The Boilergast

Pirate Business and Morning Training

Lady Steelgarter Visits the Museum

Gil and Trelawney Have a Quiet Breakfast

Doctor Vapnoople


About the Mirrors

Higgs Takes a Break

Tarvek Gets in a Fight

The Castle and Train Turn Up

Agatha and Party Party Underground

Train and Castle and Tarvek and Higgs


Karl Thotep

Extradimensional Critters Gone Wild

Karl Fixes Vapnoople. Thanks, Karl.

An Easy Victory!

Volume 2-7

Stupid Martellus is Stupid

A Discussion About The Spark

Too Slow!

Albia Appears

Jagers Can Never Resist A Drink

Wrong Kind of Surprise

An Elegant Solution

A Reasonable Question

Tarvek is Justifiably Proud

There It Is

Hesitation Was All She Needed


It Really Worked

Trogulus Leaves Our Story

It's A Gift

A Religious Experience

Mister Higgs

Oggie The Love Guru

Volume 2-8

---First Page of VOLUME 21 (Act 2: BOOK EIGHT)

The Royal Princesses

Getting Dressed

The Ball Begins

Tarvek Has a Surprise

Old Friends

The New Heterodyne Show

The Dancing Cat

Her Terrible Revenge

Higgs Gets A Makeover


The Royal Observatory Fight

The Royal Observatory Fight (continued, non-canon)

An Interesting Discovery

A Mechanicsburg Solstice Story

Tracking Prende's Lantern

Politics With Krosp and The Muse (continued, non-canon)

Cats. The Non-Musical.

Last Night Ashore

Martellus Is Gone

Storm At Night

Volume 2-9

After the Mutiny

Landing Party

We're Not Alone

Introductions All Around

Giant Rat Fight!

A Steep Downward Climb

Finding A "Safe" Place Underground

Look at All This Stuff!

GURPS GG downloadable wallpapers

Reading Schematics

Agatha And Her Magic Lamp

A Priceless Archeological Site

A Working Mirror!

Krosp Hears an Organ

The Source of the "Cursed Waters"

What DID You Do?

Volume 2-10

We're Sneaking Here

She Blinked

Time To Go!

Let The Fight Begin!

Winding Up The Sparks

Hey! She's Awake

Agatha Is Off to Europa

Introducing Weginald!

Neena Stows Away

Dice Calendar Monster Guild

Neena Explains Herself

The Polar Lords Arrive

Art Interruption: 2023–2024 Holiday Break

Volume 2-11

The Royal Jester Takes A Walk

Killer Queens (In Training)

Welcome Home, Milady

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