Girl Genius
Girl Genius

"My favorite is The Heterodyne Boys and the Race to the West Pole."
"You have an ear for truth. That one really happened. Well, mostly."
"Oh, right."
"No, no! My father built the Mechanical Camel!"
"Your father is--?"
"The Iron Sheik. Yes."
Agatha and Z [1]

Z is the nickname for Zâmî Yahyâ Ahmad ibn Sulimân al-Sinhâjî. He is a long-time friend of Gilgamesh Wulfenbach from shared schooling on the Castle Wulfenbach.

Z is a younger son of the Iron Sheik, best known to Europeans from the popular story, The Heterodyne Boys and the Race to the West Pole (and the also popular, but for perhaps different reasons, story entitled Trelawney Thorpe in the Seraglio of the Iron Sheik [2]). He was sent to learn from the Baron because his father thought it would be a good experience for him, unlike some of the other students, who were "hostages" for their parents' good behavior. He makes friends with Agatha when she is brought on board the Castle and is last seen trying to help her escape the Baron .