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William Heterodyne, better known as Bill, was one of the now-legendary Heterodyne Boys. Raised primarily by their kind and compassionate mother, he and his brother Barry renounced their family's vicious past and instead set to work cleaning up Europa. They accomplished what they set out to do with such success that their family name, which once inspired terror and loathing, became synonymous with heroism.

For several years he and his brother put the beat down on evil sparks, fought monsters, and generally acted heroically. They were helped by their constructs Punch and Judy and their friend Klaus. Several times they found themselves up against the evil Dr. Mongfish and his beautiful daughter, Lucrezia.

Bill fell for Lucrezia, and asked her to renounce her father and marry him. She said yes.[1][2] For at least two years they lived together in Castle Heterodyne, and Lucrezia bore them a son. When the Castle was attacked by the Other, his son killed and Lucrezia kidnapped, Bill was nearly mad with grief.


Agatha's Locket

Together with his brother, he left to stop The Other. After fighting and searching for years, the attacks by The Other finally ceased. Bill has not been seen since. According to Barry, popular depictions of him are exaggerated.

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Bill appears together with his brother Barry in The Works card game, but unlike Barry does not appear on a card in his own right.

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