Not all wastelands are blasted, charred ruins...

The Wastelands (also referred to as the Outlands) is a term for the space between major settlements in GG Europe.

Because of all the Sparky experiments and sparky wars, most of the empty space in Europe is filled with wandering monsters of various kinds (animal, vegetable and mineral), making travel dangerous.

Interestingly, the division between Wasteland and the towns is a key element of Europan social organization. "Townies" are the residents of the settled portions of Europa, and have access to modern technology, as well as a greater array of goods and services, especially public utilities such as power and water, and public services, such as education and health care. Hence, the stereotype of "townies" is that they are spoiled, self-satisfied, and due to their relative isolation, somewhat naive, good pickings for carnies.[1]

Those who live in the Wastelands themselves tend to be poor, uncultured, self-reliant, and very pragmatic about surviving in such a dangerous place - many of them, especially young men, try to get out of the Wasteland by any means necessary, including joining up as common soldiers.[2]

In-between would be the peasants, who live in rural communities, close enough to sell their produce to the towns and cities, but far enough from the truly wild areas to be safe. Their reputation is one of xenophobia and cultural backwardness, to the extent that they believe in witchcraft, think that most Sparks are witches, and take to pitchfork-and-torch-wielding mobs as a part of folk culture.[3]

The empire seeks to gradually reclaim the Wastelands for productive use by sponsoring roadbuilding and railroads in the shorter term, and increased education in the longer term.


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