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This article is about the city. There has also been a gunboat called Vienna 707, which has its own article.

The Vienna of Europa is a great and influential city, a place of art and architecture. The city currently hosts, undoubtedly among other companies, the Vienna Mechanikopera in a magnificent and huge theater of (unsurprisingly) baroque style. This company recently staged a revival of Portentius Reichenbach's The Storm King.

Whether the Vienna is the capital of any Empire that exists as the social structure for the region in Europa is indeterminate, but politically and according to maps, Vienna lies within Wulfenbach territory and control.

The University of Vienna is notable for being where Getwin Mittelmind obtained his PhD.

Outside World[]

Vienna 1858

"Our" Vienna in 1858 — hand-tinted to highlight the Danube (cyan) and the glacis (yellow) around the original city. Courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.

Vienna (Wien), like many significant cities in Europe, started as a Celtic settlement, Vindobona, which was then taken over by the Roman Empire[1].

Due to its advantageous position as a trading hub, it grew steadily larger and northwards, eventually bridging the Danube. Not unlike Milan, early Vienna was controlled by the Longobards at one point, although the Slavs and Magyars took over the city and the area in later decades. Eventually, the city became not just a cultural hub, but the capitol of the Holy Roman Empire.

Geographically, Vienna lies in the relative flatlands between the easternmost extent of the Alps (barring Sparky alterations) and the northernmost point of the arc of the Carpathians. Sailing east on the Danube from Vienna would bring you to Budapest (just a short way downstream from where the river takes a sharp turn southwards); in Europa, sailing west on its nearly compass-straight course would bring you almost to the edge of the Wulfenbach lands.

Later, Vienna took to being baroque, an art movement characterized by drama, passion, grandeur and inspirational themes (which in the world of Girl Genius may have coincided with the reign of the Storm King). Many of the greatest architectural works in Vienna date from the city's Baroque period. Opera as an artform collating all manners of performance (song, dance, acting, costuming, stage engineering) also originated during this time and found a home in Vienna, sponsoring some of the greatest musicians of the age.

The University of Vienna is notable for being where Sigmund Freud obtained his MD (1881). He continued to live and work in Vienna until 1938.


The conspiracy to take Mechanicsburg may have a staging area in Vienna, as Zola "Heterodyne" mentioned having left there in order to make her grandly pink appearance[2] in the Heterodynes' city. Considering the staging of the revival of The Storm King has actors cast and costumed to look suspiciously like the Prince of Sturmhalten (the hero) and Gilgamesh Wulfenbach (the villain), one may be given to wonder if Vienna as a whole is a seething hotbed of incipient rebellion against Wulfenbach rule, funded as rebellions often are by the upper class. Of course, the resemblance could also just be artistic perogative and foreshadowing of future events.