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The Bug Squad badge.

The Vespiary Squad (colloquially called the Bug Squad) is (or was) one of the Baron's military units, meant to protect against slaver wasps and, by extension, revenants.

They worked closely with Dr. Bren, who created the wasp eaters for their use hunting the wasps, and became especially prominent when it was discovered that the weasels could also detect “sleeper” revenants.

Although the term “Bug Squad” is used several times, evidently the official title is “Vespiary Squad”[1], or more casually, "Vespers".[2] Grantz refers to them as “Bug Hunters” and apparently considers them a “Good outfit.”

Their uniform is blue, green, and gold, and their Wulfenbach badge, appropriately, sports a set of insectile wings. The weasel handlers themselves also wear face-concealing masks, perhaps to make absolutely sure they don't get wasped, and helmets which appear to be shaped like a soldier wasp's head. Other members of the Squad (such as Sergeant Scorp) wear uniforms similar in style to that of Wulfenbach regulars.

In the battle of Sturmhalten, they were under orders[3] to use stun bullets and C-gas; apparently Scorp had more traditional ammunition as well.[4] Certainly, the Squad are highly trained in the use of lethal force against the wasps.[5]

It was Vespiary Squad troops that eventually came to the aid of The Unstoppable Higgs and Baron Wulfenbach following the Battle.[6]

In Volume XII, the Vespiary Squad is apparently informed by Tarvek that they are in danger,[7] and having confirmed this,[8] escape Castle Wulfenbach pursued by the Baron’s Stealth Fighters and perform a forced landing in Mechanicsburg. Tarvek enters the crashed ship and rescues Ruxala, several wasp eaters, and Dr. Bren’s notes.

During the Wulfenbach forces' retreat from Mechanicsburg, some of the surviving Vespiary squad members use the opportunity, at Tarvek's recommendation, to secretly seed themselves among the retreating troops so they can disperse with the remaining Wasp eaters, to begin searching for sleeper revenants and set up labs outside the Wulfenbach Empire to continue the late Dr. Bren's work.[9] Whether any of these teams succeed or even survive is currently unknown; one group plans to go to Paris, but there is no sign of them when Agatha visits that city following the Timeskip. Tarvek later reports that his Smoke Knights have been unable to find any trace of the other teams.

Notable members[]

Possibly relevant outside information[]

Vespiary is an actual, if uncommon, word in the real world that means a wasps' nest or colony of wasps.

Compare bomb disposal


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