Girl Genius
Girl Genius

About me[]

An unstable Construct, currently imprisoned in a photographic Laboratory , near an airfield. He is obsessed with webcomics, animation, Robert Heinlein, Fighting Ignorance™, and Zambonis, not necessarily in that order. He wants a 1920s Style Death Ray, and doesn't care who knows it. Unless you have one. Then, he wants you to know it.

After the Foglios, and pron, his favorite artist is Josh Agle, a.k.a. SHAG.


He owns a stuffed Armadillo. And not one of those cheesy goddam seven-banded Armadillos, either! He has a nine-banded Armadillo, and don't you forget it!!

About Steam[]

Steam is the friend of man. Steam engines are very human. Their very weaknesses are understandable. Steam engines do not flash back and blow your face in. They do not short-circuit and rive your heart with imponderable electric force. They have arms and legs and warm hearts and veins full of warm vapour. Give us steam every time. You know where you are with steam.~~William McFee, April, 1917

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My favorite pages[]

*" a pudding-bag full of knives!"
  • Killink hyu enemies alvays counts.
  • Favorite page #3