The Torchmen are a model of Clank designed by the Heterodyne family that comprises Mechanicsburg's air-defense system. They activate following Agatha's success at the chapel of Castle Heterodyne.

They take the form of winged, generally humanoid figures equipped with glasses, a hat-like contraption, and a sword with a large sphere on the pommel. When activated they're enveloped in flame. (Compare their passive and active forms.) They communicate with and are under the control of the central Castle Heterodyne intelligence.

It is not known which Heterodyne(s) created the Torchmen, but they predate the introduction of the metric system in Europa. Veteran airmen have a proverb concerning the Torchmen:

If you'd live to see the end of day,
from Mechanicsburg two leagues stay.
Two leagues is, in round numbers, about ten kilometers, although it varies considerably from region to region. [1]

In our last episode Edit

Having accepted Agatha's control, Castle Heterodyne enthusiastically deploys the Torchmen against the pink airship of Zola "Heterodyne" commanded by Baron Oublenmach and Duke Strinbeck. Strinbeck's order to ignore the Torchmen is not well received by the airship's crew. During the battle, Castle Wulfenbach arrives and is attacked as well. Although Agatha is apparently unaware of the "two leagues" tradition, she also intuitively specifies a ten kilometer radius. When both ships have left this radius, the Torchmen return to their posts, but not before carrying Von Pinn home .


  1. The definition of "league" differed according to era and location; some sources say it refers to the distance a healthy man can walk in an hour(about three kilometers), others say it refers to the distance a healthy horse can most efficiently travel in an hour(about five and a half kilometers). Airmen universally referred to it as "stay away from Mechanicsburg" AKA "If you can see the place you are too close."
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