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This article is about the historical personage. For other uses, see Thundering Engine Woman (disambiguation).

Thundering Engine Woman was the name of one of the Heterodyne Boys' travelling companions, a very strong Spark from the Americas. An article by Boris Dolokhov reproduced in the fourth issue of the original Girl Genius comic noted that she visited Europe, and travelled with the Heterodyne Boys, for a period of time shortly before the Other War. In this article, it is also noted that there were only a limited number of Sparks in the Americas, but they were powerful ones, and that she was the most famous of them. She is also said to have spoken of the presence in the Americas of forces that were much more powerful than herself.

In her card in "The Works", and in the fourth issue of the paper comic, she's shown wearing fringed leather garments and holding a six-shooter. Her exotic looks and amazing talent got her invited to various courts of Europa, and one could suspect a strong personal charm kept her invited to more. She was well-known enough to fascinate the general public, and has subsequently become a frequently-reproduced character in Heterodyne plays.

The Works[]

Thundering Engine Woman has The Works card details Queen, Hero, Legend, and Spark. Her Instruction is to reset the board to its initial state.

Questions and Theories[]

Due to Baron Klaus Wulfenbach's comment about women with the Spark[1], there has been speculation as to whether TEW was one of those women (and how she tried it, and what did he do that time).

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