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Girl Genius

Sometimes when Agatha is interacting with Castle Heterodyne entities, pictures of three lights are shown. It is not certain that each picture is showing the same three lights, but very recently a panel displaying what could be the topmost two of three lights (only the upper part is visible) that seems very likely to be the device shown in all of the pictures was apparently revealed to be located in the Great Movement Chamber, near what seem to be power storage units. The glowing spheres set into turtle-like bases are shown in a low-power state from another angle and from above in two pages from volume IX.

The first light was shown lit up in volume 7, the second in volume 8, and (finally!) the third light has lit in volume 13. Hopefully we will know a great deal more about what these lights mean soon. However, with Castle fully restored, Heterodyne installed and the main battle finished it may be now irrelevant.

Speculations and theories[]

The first appearance of the lights strongly suggested that they were indicators attached to a system within the Castle that would confirm that a new Heterodyne heir had been recognized. The second appearance of the lights would be consistent with this if it was part of the Castle's flashback, because then it would have taken place in response to the successful testing of Agatha's blood sample.

Another possibility is that the lights show information about the level of power available to Castle Heterodyne, showing decreasing power and then full power. The page after the third appearance shows the illuminated lights in front of glowing power cells.

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