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This article is about the royal epithet. For other uses, see Storm King (disambiguation).

Storm King is a so-far ill-defined position that seems to entail ownership of the Muses, headship of the Knights of Jove[1] and the Smoke Knights[2], the right to wear the Lightning Crown, sit on the Throne of the Storm King, wield Archimedes' Lever and the Platonic Solid, and "rightful" rulership of Europa. But then, rightful really only means what people think it means, anyway...

Its first (and, apparently, only known[3]) holder was Andronicus Valois, and it appears the title was created for him specifically.

If it's hereditary, Prince Tarvek Sturmvoraus may be entitled to the position — he certainly seems to think so,[3] and has convinced The Muses Tinka, Moxana[4], Otilia and possibly Orotine [5] [6] — and the modern-day re-staging of Portentius Reichenbach's The Storm King opera may represent part of a propaganda campaign to that effect.[7]

Of course, Martellus von Blitzengaard and his followers have their own opinions on this subject. As does this fellow ...

Questions and Theories[]

Possibly relevant outside information[]

Storm king stout

A Imperial Stout from Victory Brewing named Storm King

The title Storm King appears to correspond to the Sun King, aka Louis XIV of France in our world.

Particularly relevant from the Wikipedia article is this:[8]

...he was associated with Apollo Helios, the Greco-Roman god of the Sun. This is also fitting because, as patron of the Arts, Louis was, like Apollo Musagetes, the "leader of the Muses".

This connection has now been confirmed in news that says "The Storm King was inspired by the Sun King." (taken from web.archive because the original news article is missing.)

Also see in Wikipedia Ancien Régime.


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