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This article is about a member of House Heterodyne. For others in the lineage or other uses, see Heterodyne (disambiguation).

The Red Heterodyne lived approximately a hundred years prior to the current day. At some time, the Red Heterodyne was engaged in a conflict with the Unseen Empire, a subterranean kingdom, led by another mad Spark with a penchant for lava cannons.

The Red Heterodyne apparently triumphed over the Unseen Emperor, or at least survived the conflict, but got "lost" in the caverns for two years (apparently a year longer than necessary), when he developed a taste for bat sandwiches. "Red Heterodyne" now appears to be diner shorthand for bat sandwiches, at least in Mechanicsburg.

Da Boyz fought with him in that campaign, and affectionately recall him as "dot nut".

At some point after the conflict, the Red Heterodyne died, and was interred in the Heterodyne family crypt, the daemonic statue on his tomb suggesting that he was a Heterodyne of some distinction.

The Novel[]

According to a footnote in Agatha H. and the Voice of the Castle, he was the brother of The Black Heterodyne, and the two of them engaged in... vigorous... philosophical disputes. One of these intellectual conflicts led to his creating the Spiderroaches that infest Castle Heterodyne.

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See The Black Heterodyne#Possibly Relevant Outside Information for parallel to Samuel Pepys' ancestry.