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The title of this book, The Quest for Gold and Sequels (alternatively, Franz Scortchmaw: The Quest for Gold and Sequels), was announced on Patreon, on a page available only to patrons, which provided a preview of the Girl Genius Comic for Monday, October 9, 2023. The first page of Quest was posted on Friday, August 26, 2022 . It is a complete, full-length, stand-alone adventure set in the world of Girl Genius well after the (unspecified) resolution of the main story, but it was originally meant to be just another short side story to serve as entertainment while the Professors put the main story on hold to work out some tricky plot details in Escape from the Island of the Rat Queen.[1] In fact, at 144 pages, it is longer than many volumes of the main story and ran for nearly a year; Rat Queen resumed on Friday, August 4, 2023.

The title as originally given on the first page of the story was:

Franz Scortchmaw
Great Dragon of Mechanicsburg
and the
Story We Haven't Named Yet!
A Short Adventure

Below this, and possibly intended to be part of the title, was:

Written by Phil & Kaja Foglio
Drawn by Phil Folgio
With color by Cheyenne Wright

This title was used to refer to this story on the wiki, as an article link. A much shorter alternative, derived from the original section title for the beginning of this story, "A Story With Franz", was also used in the same way. Both of these links now redirect to this page. This story was also frequently referred to as "A Tale of Dragons and Librarians" on the Twitter/X feed for Girl Genius.

This book was posted online in the middle of Escape from the Island of the Rat Queen (volume 10 of the Second Journey) and so its chronology entries and cast list are included in the corresponding pages for that volume (see below).

All of that said, the plot of the story involves Franz teaming up with (ahem) rogue Librarian Vipsania Perrault to go on a dungeon-crawl to collect the loot from the lair of Franz's deceased compatriot Hydrargyros the Godburner. As they depart Mechanicsburg and journey to their target, they also collect some additional traveling companions, leading to the GG-verse equivalent of a classic Dungeons & Dragons adventuring party. Progressing through the hazardous terrain (above and below ground) surrounding the lair, this group learns that very unsurprisingly, they are not the only ones interested in Hydrargyros's stuff, with especial focus on a certain Sparky artifact known as the Iram Solis...


No information on extras for this volume is currently known.

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  1. "We're at one of those turning points in the story where it behooves us to stop for a minute and look over our continuity to make sure we don't mess anything up going forward. Of course, whenever the need to do some serious writing comes along, our obvious solution is to layer on another piece of writing to fill the gap, so here's a little story about Franz, the Great Dragon of Mechanicsburg.", note below page image posted on Friday, August 26, 2022 .