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Possibly relevant outside information[]

"The Other" is a turn of phrase that occurs frequently in The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. In that novella, Robert Louis Stevenson describes a man's attempt to separate the good and bad halves of his nature. As Stevenson writes of Jekyll's experiment, "Hence, although I had now two characters as well as two appearances, one was wholly evil, and the other was still the old [me], that incongruous compound of whose reformation and improvement I had already learned to despair. The movement was thus wholly toward the worse." [1] Some readers speculate that Lucrezia created the Other by attempting to banish the evil parts of her personality and become a "good guy" like her husband Bill.

See discussion at Forum:Lucrezia and the Other.

People who support this theory: Kretzer, Bosda Di'Chi ,DryBrook, Altgorl

The Eternal Lady[]

The geisterdamen refer to Lucrezia as "our eternal lady". Perhaps because she used the "time window" device we've seen three times before to appear to them in many time periods? Assuming that is so, I suspect The Other is an entity that fused with Lucrezia as she toyed around with space and time. I believe "the other" is short for what Bill and Barry would have called it -- "The Other Lucrezia". When The Other zaps into Agatha, it takes time to fully take over; I believe Lucrezia killed her assistants and destroyed her lab during a period of lucidity in order to prevent anyone from repeating her work, or to keep The Other from using the equipment. She used the Time Window one final time before it exploded to arrive in the geister's dimension "in great distress", delivered Agatha, ordered the geisters to protect her, and left. Barry then recovered Agatha using a huge clank army and hid her -- and good thing, because when Lucrezia shows up again, she looks like Enigma -- claw-hand and all. I believe this is Lucrezia fully possessed by The Other, who then hijacked the geisterdamen's trust of Lucrezia to The Other's own ends. --Aubri 14:16, April 23, 2010 (UTC)