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These are matches for the words "The "Other"", "The Other", "Other".

Volume I

Merlot Goes Spare

Volume II

The Infamous Falling Machine!

The Dragon From Mars

Sneaking Into the Baron's Lab

In the Lab / Moloch's Story

Volume III

Othar Spoils the Mood

Activating the Engine

Little Clanks to the Rescue!

Othar Gets Himself in Trouble

Volume V

Lucrezia the Goddess


Lucrezia Greets Her Priestesses

Volume VI

DuPree is Brought up to Speed

Agatha Wakes Up

Tarvek Shoots his Big Fat Mouth Off

Agatha's Backup

The Really Nice View of Agatha's Signal

The Baron's Soldiers

Agatha Flips Out (Reprise)

Zeetha Has a Clue

Volume VII

Klaus Wakes Up

History Lesson

Volume VIII

Gil Wakes Up

Zeetha Bring Gil Up To Speed

Klaus Take A Stroll

Gil Catches Up With Old Friends

Volume IX

Delivery for the Baron

Agatha Hides her Embarrassment Poorly

Tarvek Sturmvoraus, Boy Detective

Volume X

Zola Takes Over

General Teatime with Boris

Volume XI

Jager Meeting

Tarvek Explains Some Things

The Baron, The Storyteller, and Stories

Volume XII

Gil Returns

Gil's Double-Secret Lab

Gil Gets to Work

Tarvek and the Generals

Adventures with Boris

Gil to the Rescue

Volume XIII

Lover's Spat

The Baron Hatches a Plan

Volume 2-1

A Discussion About Family

Gil and Bang have a Talk


Volume 2-2

Lucrezia Comes to Visit

Gil And His Spymaster

Fun In Paris

Gil in Mechanicsburg

Volume 2-3

Gil and Othar Talk Some More (non-canon)

Visiting the Arguron King

The King is in the Building (non-canon)

Abducting the King

Princess Larana

The Incorruptible Library

Examining the Book

A Vanity Project Pays Off

More Smoke Knights

The Crypt of Prende

Tarvek Uses His Fork

Interpersonal Relationships

Checking Out of the Library

Volume 2-4

Agatha and her friends steal a ride

Geister Dumpster Dive (non-canon)

The Master Finds Trouble

The Party Begins

  • T 2016-12-21 (Wednesday) ... Party Guest in Turban, Party Guest in Pith Helmet, Colette, Seffie, Other Costumed Party Guests, Viscount, Lady Jenka, Oggie and Maxim (in costume ), Messenger from the Master, Lord Krumwitz, Party Guest Dressed as Sephiroth, Small Talking Creature

The Queen of the Dawn

Martellus vs. the Geisterdamen (non-canon)

Colette Takes Action


The Return Of The King

Martellus Gets The Sword

The Whole City of Paris

  • T mentioned in editor's description of actions: 2017-05-26 (Friday) ... Drusus Beausoleil, from a great height, so no individuals can be distinguished but their identities can be deduced from previous pages: Martellus and the other participants in his victory parade and the crowd watching it

Paris Reborn

Paris Needs Pants

Contingency Plans

Volume 2-5

---First Page of Act 2: BOOK FIVE (GGvol.18)

Let's Go To England Already

The Mopey Tortoise is Under Attack Again

Waiting for the Submersible

Albia of England

Gil Meets His Hero

The WORKS and Other Distractions

Agatha Meets Some New Colleagues

Gil and Trelawney Hit the Town

Volume 2-6

An Important Realization

Higgs Takes a Break

Train and Castle and Tarvek and Higgs


Karl Thotep

Extradimensional Critters Gone Wild

Karl Fixes Vapnoople. Thanks, Karl.

Gil and Trelawney Show Up

Volume 2-7

Stupid Martellus is Stupid

A Reasonable Question

There It Is

Hesitation Was All She Needed


It's A Gift

Anybody Else Not Dead?

Thwack Thwack Thwack

The Noble Codfish

Mister Higgs

Volume 2-8

The Ball Begins

Agatha and Gil Share a Dance

Tarvek Has a Surprise

Old Friends

The Dancing Cat

Her Terrible Revenge

Martellus and Krosp

Martellus and Krosp (continued, non-canon)

Gil and Orotine

In the Kitchen

Too Many Jaegers


The Royal Observatory Fight (continued, non-canon)

A Mechanicsburg Solstice Story

Tracking Prende's Lantern

A Royal Audience

Leaving For Europa

Cats. The Non-Musical.

Martellus Is Gone

Volume 2-9

---First Page of VOLUME 22 (Act 2: BOOK NINE)

Giant Rat Fight!

The Situation In Europa

Othar Returns!

Volume 2-10

Very Good For a First Try

You Sure Know How To Kill A Story


Geisters and Jagers After the Battle

Neena Explains Herself

The Polar Lords Arrive


Volume 2-11

---First Page of Volume 24 (Act 2: BOOK ELEVEN)

  • T 2024-01-05 (Friday) ... Mister Griggs, Gil, Weather Spotter, Bang, Dark-haired Communications Officer, Tarvek, Tall Guy, Doctor, Pancake Hat and Red Goggles, Napoleon Hat, ?Lieutenant , Red Bug Eyes, Wulfenbach clanks, Two Helmspeople (at two wheels), Other Members of the Airship Crew and Staff

The Royal Jester Takes A Walk

Killer Queens (In Training)

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Art Interruption: Color version of new cover for volume 21 (non-canon)

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