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Flying fish

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"It's just a goldfish. Really! I mean, sometimes a goldfish is just a goldfish!
The TPU professors aren't quizzing us on everything, you know! Sheesh!"
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First seen in Dr. Beetle's TPU lab during the Baron's surprise visit, the terrified goldfish and bowl miraculously survive the chaos that ensues after Gil discovers Agatha's filing system and the explosion of Dr. Beetle's bomb thanks to Gil's tenacity and great reflexes. It is later seen (in a mobile bowl) and mentioned on Castle Wulfenbach, most likely having been carried there by Gil. Zoing is apparently afraid of it. Much later on, Agatha mentions that feeding it had been among her duties under Dr. Beetle.

In Agatha H. And The Airship City, the goldfish is confirmed as having been owned by the (then-late) Dr. Beetle.

Print Issue #6 has a cutout of the goldfish in his fishbowl with the tank treads which labels him Carassius Auratus. However, Carassius Auratus is the species name of the Common Goldfish. The personal name of the Goldfish, if any, or at all, is unknown.

He also appears on the back cover - "life size-ish".

Other Sightings[]

Dimo comments that Maxim once killed a goldfish and then moped about it for fifty years. (From the context, it is implied that Maxim overfed it.)

Also, other fish seen in various apocrypha may or may not be related:

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