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Girl Genius

Few things are certain in this universe, least of all what's going to happen next. However, thanks to a strange time-window phenomenon[1] from "years in the future"[2] observed by Bangladesh DuPree[3] and Agatha Heterodyne[4], it is possible to predict seven elements:

  1. Agatha will eventually either invent a time machine or gain control of someone else's.
  2. Between now and then, she will acquire a (replacement) Heterodyne trilobite sigil which has wings attached. The significance of this is uncertain, though it is known that houses who have submitted under Pax Transylvania add wings to their sigils so as to advertise said allegiance; QED the sigil of House Sturmvoraus is the Sword-and-Gear which adorns their castles, but newer heraldry is winged. It is also possible that Agatha adds the wings after marrying or allying with Gil.[5]
  3. The fate of the Vienna 707 survivors will be of some importance, since Moloch von Zinzer is looking for them with Agatha's help.
  4. For some reason, Gil will crossdress as a Geisterdame. He will also have had something of a growth spurt, or at least become much wider across the shoulders This could simply be a difference in the art style, but when Bang gives her report in the print novel Agatha H. and the Airship City, she describes the version of Gil seen through the window as being bigger and tougher. It is possible this is not Gil at all, but his similar-looking not-yet-introduced Skifandrian relative, a cousin most likely.
  5. Also, at least one of the Geisterdamen will give their allegiance to Agatha, as one of them is seen to call her "mistress". (We have seen the start of this, with a small band of Geisters rebelling against Zola-Lucrezia's rule and supporting Agatha.)
  6. A dangerous-looking clank, who is confirmed to be the Other, will turn up [6]. The arm of the clank resembles the arm of the "Eternal Lady" in the history of the Geisterdamen's quest as told by Lady Vrin[7].
  7. Moloch von Zinzer will be released from the time-stop bubble. Since he was pretty close to the Baron it's a reasonable assumption that the whole thing will be unmade without much harm to those trapped inside.

Of course, that all presupposes that the future seen (by Bang in the first five points and by Agatha in the sixth) in these windows is all one: the one that's actually going to happen. Also, these "windows" might also be "doors"; Bang was able to clearly hear everything spoken in The Future, proving sound can pass through them, so why not things such as bullets or people? And they don't seem to be paradox-proof; DuPree takes aim through a window in response to an insult heard through a previous window - an insult made in response to the aforementioned aiming. Agatha was in the process of tuning the machine to an earlier point. Does your head hurt yet? To top it all off said future is subjective, happening later in Agatha's and Moloch's personal timeline, but might actually be objectively in the world's past, happening long before the main story started.

One last loop; Agatha only entered the alley where Omar von Zinzer stole her Locket because she was startled by the Enigma's time window. If not for this incident, she most likely would have continued to Transylvania Polygnostic University unhindered, on time - and with her locket - as she had countless previous mornings... and thus would not have discovered she was a Spark. All of the events of the series could thus be accredited to this first time window.

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  5. It is possibly a reference to the House Wulfenbach sigil, perhaps suggesting that Agatha and Gilgamesh Wulfenbach will unite their houses. On the other hand, wings (usually eagles') are used for many purposes in heraldry. The one that seems most relevant is that of Jupiter (father Jove), king of the gods and lord of the sky. This explains why both Klaus and the House of Sturmvoraus see fit to use them.
  6. "...ike THAT?!"
  7. "…and our mistress again returned."