Girl Genius
Girl Genius

For the clank which gives this volume its name, see "The Beast".

The title of this volume, The Beast of the Rails, was announced by Phil on Girl Genius Adventures in early February 2015.

The fourteenth volume of Girl Genius begins with…

The colors were done by Cheyenne Wright.

The first page of volume 1 of act 2 begins here: March 3, 2014 . While this volume is often referred to as the first volume of act 2 for short, it is officially the first book of The Second Journey of Agatha Heterodyne and the fourteenth volume overall.


This volume has four pages of extras at the beginning of the book; a fairly extensive list of the dramatis personae from this volume including capsule biographies, along with definitions of some terms used in the story.

Presumably, a cast list has been included in this volume, although one wasn't present in volumes in the First Journey, because books in the Second Journey are supposed to be a good starting point for new readers. The previous volumes (The First Journey of Agatha Heterodyne, books 1–13) did each include a summary of "The Story So Far" and a humorous capsule biography of the professors, which this volume omits.

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