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Welcome to the Girl Genius Wiki, a fan-created resource for the fabulous gaslamp fantasy comic, and now a fabulous webcomic, produced by Studio Foglio.

"It's amazing, and we sometimes use it to look things up when we're in a hurry."

Professoressa Kaja Foglio[1]

Congratulations to Kaja Foglio, Phil Foglio, Cheyenne Wright and everyone at Studio Foglio for winning the first three Hugo awards in the Best Graphic Story category.[2]

Girl Genius is an epic graphic novel published online for free every M-W-F. Any entry here may contain spoilers for the current storyline. So if you somehow arrived here first, head over to the first page and start reading! The guy in the bowler hat is Professor Phil Foglio himself.

If you are new to Girl Genius you may find this brief description to be helpful. There is also a page that will help you read the story in print.


The Kickstarter for a new video game based on Agatha's adventures in Castle Heterodyne from indie developer Rain Games, makers of Teslagrad has successfully funded and the campaign has ended. The Kickstarter raised $256,510, 128% of its $200,000 goal. The extra funds mean that five stretch goals were reached, allowing the addition of Zeetha, Violetta, Othar and Sanaa, Theo and Sleipnir, and Krosp to the game as nonplayer characters.

The Kickstarter for Sparks and Monsters (book 6 of the Second Journey and nineteenth volume overall) has successfully funded with the second highest number of pledges of any of the Girl Genius graphic novel Kickstarters.

Check the bottom of new pages posted to the Girl Genius website or the Girl Genius FaceBook page for more up-to-date "Studio News" about the current activities of Studio Foglio.

New Releases

The long awaited Girl Genius RPG is now available, initially as a PDF, with a forthcoming Kickstarter for the printed version.

Queens and Pirates (volume 5 of act 2, 18th overall) has been printed and is available in softcover from the TopatoCo online store and in PDF format from DriveThruComics.

The Girl Genius Novelization is proceeding. The fourth book is available in hard cover, paperback, electronic, and audiobook formats.


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