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Volume V

Balan's Gap

Off to the Palace

A Handy and Enlightening Recap

The Lady's Chapel

The Royal Children's Lab

The Storm King


The Real Rescue Party

Lucrezia Greets Her Priestesses

Volume VI

Front material

Agatha Wakes Up

The Rescue Party at Work

  • 2006-04-24 (Monday) first field: names_used... Lars, Anevka, Ognian, Maxim, attendant, Zeetha, Krosp, Dimo

Two New Pages

Tarvek Gets a Brief Rest

Tarvek Shoots his Big Fat Mouth Off

Anevka and Selnikov

Agatha's Backup

An Airship is Spotted

Other Slavers 01

Other Slavers 02

The Moat Comes Down

Tarvek is Left Hanging

Anevka Learns What She Is

Lucrezia x 2

The Baron Arrives

Agatha's Signal Activates

The Really Nice View of Agatha's Signal

Agatha vs. Vrin

The Baron's Soldiers

Lucrezia vs. Everybody


Volume VIII

Don't Move, or it Will See You

Riding the Tiger

Violetta is Displeased

Agatha Catches the Show

Fairy Tale Theatre Break: Cinderella

Volume IX

Volume Nine Web Cover & Wallpaper

Delivery for the Baron

Agatha in the Castle

Agatha Oversleeps

Agatha Hides her Embarrassment Poorly

Agatha Gets Wound Up

Mad Social Science

Radio Theater Break: Revenge of the Weasel Queen pt.3

An Attempt at Romance

An Attempt at Medicine

Hold Still. This'll be Fun!

Violetta Gets a New Job

Mad Science

Tarvek Sturmvoraus, Boy Detective

Agatha and Her Guinea Pigs

Dingbot Fight!

They're Gone?!

Elevator Madness!

Ad Interrupt

The Great Movement Chamber

Agatha Feels Green

the Castle Flips Out

Gil & Tarvek "Help"

The Castle REALLY Flips Out

  • 2009-12-02 (Wednesday) ... Tarvek, Gil, Agatha, Castle
  • 2009-12-04 (Friday) ... Tarvek, Gil; Diaz, Mittelmind; Theo, Krosp, Zeetha, Higgs, Sleipnir; von Zinzer, Snaug, Violetta; Castle prisoners (Snapper, Sanaa, R-79, Thanos, Squinaldo); Agatha; dingbots; Othar; Zola, Tiktoffen; body of Otilia(?); Carson von Mekkhan
  • 2009-12-07 (Monday) ... Agatha, Mezzasalma, Tarvek, Gil, Snaug

Final Page of Volume 9

Volume X

What Agatha is Up To

Lucrezia Visits

The Thing from the Pit


Zeetha and Violetta Bond

Agatha Wins

What Secondary Process?

Get Him!

I Know, Let's Fight!

Blowing a Gasket

Lucrezia's Secret Lab

Flirting Minions

Knocked Out

Zola Takes Over

Nice "Death Trap"

Time to Get Moving

The Castle Seraglio

It's A Big Awesome Plant! Neat!



Final Page of Volume 10

Volume XI

The Library

Agatha is Mean to Tarvek

Who Gets to Throw the Switch

Duck! It's Zola...

Back to the fight

Those Flying Coats NEVER Work Properly

Zola Leaves the Castle

Higgs Requests Leave

Extra page with Higgs and Zeetha

Repairs and Quibbling Continue Apace


Zola in Hospital

Amazonian Flirting

Tarvek Explains Some Things

Back to Agatha and Her Jolly Friends

Agatha Finds the Last Repair Site

Tiktoffen Makes His Move

Vole Makes His Move

"Krosp" Saves the Day

That Kissing Scene

Coming to Gil's Rescue

Coming to Gil's Rescue (resumed)

Violetta's Reasoning

Rescuing the Prince

Castle Fixing Complete?

Gil Leaves the Castle

Volume XII

Welcome Home...uh...Gilgamesh Wulfenbach?

  • 2011-12-19 (Monday) ... Boris, Othar, Tarvek, Wulfenbach messenger w/ unicycle, the bubble head battle co-ordinator, a cyclops, a short man with a tall hat and an eyepatch, other Wulfenbach minions, a Wulfenbach guard

Someone's Been Sitting on MY Empire!

Stories and... RUN!

Bang Finds Her Favorite Toy

Bang Falls in Lurve!

Gil's Double-Secret Lab

Gil Gets to Work


Gil has a Bad Day

  • 2012-04-09 (Monday) first field: names_used... Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, Klaus Wulfenbach, Boris Dolokov, unidentified soldier, and another unidentified person

Nuts and Squirrels and Grad Students

Agatha and Zeetha try on Armor

Tarvek Demonstrates the Futility

Tarvek and the Generals

The Vespiary Squad Rescue

Big Horrible Monster

More of that Kissing Stuff

Giant Apes and Everything Else

I Require a Spark

The Battering Ram


The Storm King

Hero in a Jar


More of Tarvek's Family

Getting Across Town

Othar! Also, Agatha blows stuff up

Franz Proves he can Fly

Gil to the Rescue

Volume XIII

First Page of Volume XIII

Gizmocracy Thanks

Agatha Returns to her Friends

The Storm King Rides Up

The Heterodyne Requires Cake

Hideous Arcane Rituals

Something Falls from the Sky

Agatha Takes a Side Trip

Through a Door

Wakey Wakey

Martellus is in the House


Let's Play with Paper Dolls

Gil Meets Martellus

Final Page of Volume 13

Volume 2-1

Some Ladies Come to Dinner

An Instructive Detour

Cinderella Paper Doll Fun

Volume 2-2

Hail to the King

On the Train to Paris

Gil And His Spymaster

The Awful Tower

Student Advisor

The Notebook

Cheyenne's Airship Regatta Poster

Shopping in the Underground

Volume 2-3

---First Page of Act 2: BOOK THREE---

Examining the Book

Wakey Wakey my Prince

Mechanicsburg Has a New Look

Bang Gets A New Pet

A Vanity Project Pays Off

More Smoke Knights

The Crypt of Prende

You Do Not Understand

Looting the Dungeon

Gilgamesh On The Trail

Tarvek Uses His Fork

A General Discussion

A Dream Come True

Volume 2-4

---First Page of Act 2: BOOK FOUR---

Agatha and her friends steal a ride

Geisterdamen in the Streets

Halloween Wallpaper

Bringing Tarvek Home

The Queen of the Dawn

Colette Takes Action


Voltaire Gets Serious

Agatha's New Dress

The Return Of The King

The Master

The New Master Arises

Paris Reborn

Paris Needs Pants

Volume 2-5

Tarvek Embarks

Agatha Arrives in England

The Mopey Tortoise is Under Attack

Trelawney Thorpe

The Mopey Tortoise is Under Attack Again

Gil and Tarvek Meet Again

Strange Poison and Mystery

Albia of England

Extra: Nonsense from Professoressa Foglio

Gil Meets His Hero

Agatha Settles in

The WORKS and Other Distractions

Someone Attacked Castle Wulfenbach

Albia meets Vapnoople

Agatha Meets Some New Colleagues

Gil and Tarvek Lay Plans

Wooster Gets the News

Tarvek Works it Out

Gil and Trelawney Hit the Town

Homeward Bound and other art

Wooster on the Case

Wooster, Tarvek and Higgs Arrive

Violetta Finds a Thief

Volume 2-6

---First Page of VOLUME 19 (Act 2: BOOK SIX)

Pirate Business and Morning Training

Agatha Has an Insight

Agatha Gets a Present

Jagermonster New Year

Tarvek Gets in a Fight

The Castle and Train Turn Up

Train and Castle and Tarvek and Higgs

Seffie and the Pirates


Karl Thotep

Extradimensional Critters Gone Wild

Karl Fixes Vapnoople. Thanks, Karl.

Agatha Fixes the Problem

An Easy Victory!

The Dome is Mostly Empty

Gil and Trelawney Show Up

Volume 2-7

Tarvek Seizes the Moment

Stupid Martellus is Stupid

Wooster Meets the Troops

A Discussion About The Spark

Too Slow!

Albia Appears

Jagers Can Never Resist A Drink

Wrong Kind of Surprise

An Elegant Solution

Tarvek is Justifiably Proud

There It Is

Hesitation Was All She Needed


It Really Worked

It's A Gift

The Noble Codfish

A Religious Experience

Mister Higgs

Tarvek's Imaginary Friend

Into The Mermaid Suit

Like A Grunion

Everything Interesting Uses Machinery

Time To Leave

Volume 2-8

---First Page of VOLUME 21 (Act 2: BOOK EIGHT)

The Royal Princesses

The Ball Begins

Agatha and Gil Share a Dance

Tarvek Has a Surprise

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