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Typical talpini

Members of the Mole King's Court and Royal Guard

The Talpini are a civilization of bipedal mole-like beings who stand only about half the average height of a human. They control a section of the extensive caverns beneath Paris and have long been enemies with their (very close) neighbors the more human-ish Argurons. Most of the world is apparently unaware of their existence, but they are known to the Master of Paris and his family, while Jiminez Hoffmann also encounters them in the course of his endless adventuring and exploration.

They are ruled by a Moligarchy headed by a King, with religious duties handled by a High Priest. They are known for being suspicious and xenophobic; strangers who encounter them by accident are likely to be made into gloves, which the Talpini wear over their large and powerful digging claws.

Agatha and her coterie encounter the Talpini during their visit to the Paris underworld. Fortunately, Hoffmann has attached himself to the expedition, and reveals that he previously arranged a peace treaty between the Talpini and Argurons, in the process becoming the Talpini King's adapted son, and "agreeing" to marry into the Auguron royal family. (It works out in the end, as he and the other half of this match have genuine feelings for each other.) The Talpini thus refrain from en-gloving Hoffmann's burrow-mates, and it turns out they also know about Agatha, as her unauthorized image has been plastered all over the packaging for their favorite glove oil and crown polish. The Talpini King also shows appreciation for Violetta's elegant compactness. It is also implied that they traded with Mechanicsburg for blue-whorled grunters, a type of cave snail. Following these pleasantries, the Talpini take Our Heroes on to see the Argurons.

Some members of the species can be seen working with Gilgamesh Wulfenbach on his tunneling project beneath the time-frozen Mechanicsburg.


In the Cinderella story break, Gil and Tarvek are desperate to find a wife in order to escape a clause in their trade agreement with the Mole People ("a bad idea") that would otherwise require them to marry Princess Whomper and Lady Gronk.

Possibly relevant outside information[]

In Linnaean taxonomy, European moles are members of the order Soricomorpha ("shrew-like animals"), family Talpidae, subfamily Talpinae, and tribe Talpini.

One thing to note is that real-world moles have six digits on their hands.