The Take-Five Bomb is a fan-coined term for the hazardous Black Level Item of unknown origin employed by Baron Klaus Wulfenbach during the Siege of Mechanicsburg. Baron Wulfenbach resorts to its use after the fully restored Castle Heterodyne repulses a massive conventional attack by Wulfenbach forces. Originally stored within a highly secured vault aboard Castle Wulfenbach, the device radically slows the passage of time over a city-sized area. (Light is still able to pass through the affected area, albeit in a red-shifted state, perhaps indicating that time is not completely halted.) Klaus uses the device in an attempt to remove both Agatha and Mechanicsburg from the resurgent Long War, perceiving both to be a dire threat to stability in Europa, and to (presumably) remove himself from the influence of The Other so his son, Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, can continue in his stead.

While Mechanicsburg is successfully frozen, it happens that the bomb is activated at the exact moment that Agatha is being involuntarily dragged through the Red Cathedral's monolith gate by Tweedle. She thus escapes the city, but in process suffers a gap of time (timeskip) of two and a half years that she (and the strip's readers) are not immediately privy to.

The use of the Take-Five Bomb by Klaus has, unfortunately, attracted the attention of certain extradimensional horrors. It is currently unknown what intention these entities have, but Castle Heterodyne (somewhat immune to the Take-Five's power) predicts to Gil they will reach the Baron and the Take-Five in two years of normal time passage.

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Dave Brubeck - Take Five ( Original Video)

Dave Brubeck - Take Five ( Original Video)

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