Nar! Nar! Nar! Nar!

Spiderroaches are a dangerous species of insect encountered by Agatha, Violetta and Moloch when the trio find themselves trapped on a rafter in Castle Heterodyne. The only first-hand information the reader gains is that they spin large webs and made a sound like "Nar!" Violetta offers up a couple of additional details: once a helpless prey is trapped in said web, the 'roaches pour out and strip the flesh from the target's bones. Fortunately none of the characters have to find out how accurate her information is.

According to a footnote in the novel Agatha H. and the Voice of the Castle, the scientific name for these critters is Loxosceles Blattella Stamiona Telae Heterodyne, and that they were the deliberately lethal creation of The Red Heterodyne as part of an ongoing philosophical dispute with his brother, The Black Heterodyne. They are preyed upon by Venomous Rafter Toads.

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