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Also known as the "crab monster" clank, the Spider Clank is a rogue clank first encountered wandering the Wastelands, armed with a large pincer claw (likely original one of a pair) and a death ray. It is "one of Von Bode's little toys." [2] The comic does not say who Von Bode[3] was, but the novel Agatha H and the Clockwork Princess indicates he was a Spark who assembled such constructions solely to keep things from getting "too boring", before meeting a highly-interesting end at the hands of Baron Klaus Wulfenbach.

This is the clank that attacks Master Payne's Circus of Adventure, causing the death of Madame Olga. Despite having just been turned away by the Circus, Agatha comes running when she hears the commotion, and uses her death ray to destroy it.[4]

Von-bode sigilplate

The spider clank's sigil plate - Von Bode arms

Out of gratitude for her help, the Circus allows Agatha to travel with them, dressing Olga's charred body in Agatha's things in order to fool Gil, Bangladesh DuPree and the Baron into thinking it was Agatha who had died.


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  3. Also, according to a post by Kaja, Vaughn Bode was one of Phil Foglio's favorite comic artists and one influence on his style. Please note that much of Vaughn Bode's artwork is NSFW. :)
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