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Sparafucile is a Smoke Knight, attached to the siblings Martelus and Xerxsephnia von Blitzengaard, who first puts in an appearance as the latter woman is urgently and mysteriously plotting to get in contact with Agatha while said gal is in England. (Though her name is not revealed until her second appearance .)

She appears, based on skin color and forehead decoration, to hail from the Indian Subcontinent. She also sports a general skull motif with her clothing and accessories, and (most of the time ) appears to have pure white eyes.

Her initial function seems to be to Loom Ominously in Mr Quinster's general direction as Seffie assigns this England-based minion various impossible tasks, such as getting the two women into the sealed undersea dome of the Queen's Society. After Quinster somehow manages this, Sparafucile kidnaps Agatha during an unguarded moment and brings her to where Seffie is waiting.. with, it turns out, her ailing brother Tweedle, who requires Agatha's physical touch to not die.

Despite going to all this effort to save Tweedle, and despite Violeta revealing that she also actually works for him, she later cheerfully reassures Tarvek and Gil she has absolutely no problem with them punching him hard in the face. She also mentions that she studied Behavioral Psychology and Theater in college, in order to perfect her Intimidating Scary Smile technique, while worrying that some of the crazy stuff Sparks have told her over the years might actually be true.

Before the revelation that Sparafucile works for both von Blitzengaard siblings, we had seen Smoke Knights Varpa and Malek working exclusively for Seffie and Martellus respectively, even to the point of interfering with each other's missions. Given their respective ages, and the fact that she works for both siblings, it is likely that she is some kind of family bodyguard, but there is no further information in canon regarding the details of her employment.

See Also[]

  • Varpa, another of Seffie's Smoke Knights.
  • Malek, another of Tweedle's Smoke Knights.

Possibly relevant outside information[]

“Sparafucile” is the name of an assassin for hire, or hit man, in the opera Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi.