Girl Genius
Girl Genius

"Heh. You've never worn trousers before, have you?"
"Well, no!"
"I'm a mechanic. Trousers make it easier to maneuver in the big engines. You'll get used to them."
"I doubt it."
Sleipnir and Agatha[1]

Sleipnir O'Hara is the daughter of the ruler of Little Ireland, a Continental enclave of (apparently) Gaels. She is not a Spark [1], but she is a "hostage" against her father's good behavior under the Pax Wulfenbachia. Sleipnir and Gilgamesh Wulfenbach had been good friends (not romantically) before he left for university in Paris.[2]

Sleipnir is Agatha's assigned roommate in the Dormitory of Castle Wulfenbach, where the two make friends quickly. (It should be noted this makes her name a pun, since the two women "sleep near" near other.) Sleipnir has a persistently cheerful nature and is always up for an adventure, such as sneaking into Baron Klaus Wulfenbach's secure laboratories. The yentor Baron has arranged a marriage for her to a minor Spark who's "real cute."[3] Though Sleipnir's betrothed has yet to appear, she spends a lot of time with Theopholous DuMedd.[4][5]

Sleipnir respectfully stands up to the Baron to help Agatha escape Castle Wulfenbach. In the months following the escape, Sleipnir elopes with Theo, and helps prepare his expedition to find his father's lost lab in India by means of finding the "Eye of the Snake Eater".[6]

Reunited in Mechanicsburg[]

Updated Sleipnir

Sleipnir and her new fashion... Rraarrr....

:"Oh, nice. You're taking us in."

"No, I am NOT!"
"And the last time you won an argument with me was?"
Sleipnir and Gil after the 'rescue'[7]

 Sleipnir is next seen with Theo watching Gil parade through the streets of Mechanicsburg.[8] She and Theo rescue Gil from Vole's soldiers. Gil's obvious love for Agatha[9] finally mends the breach of trust that began[10] when Gil returned from Paris. Sleipnir and Theo get a chance to play the roles of Punch and Judy in a Heterodyne show as they accompany Gil into Castle Heterodyne. There, they become his "pirate crew"[11] in his uneasy alliance with Zola "Heterodyne", and then assist in the eventually-successful repairing of the Castle, along with patching up at various points Gil, Tarvek, Agatha and Von Pinn AKA Otila.

After Theo is shot in the shoulder by Vole, Gil takes him and Sleipnir to Mama Gkika's for healing. The duo is last seen suffering from the effects of the Doom Bell being rung, and are presumably still trapped in the time-frozen Mechanicsburg.



Er, could you repeat whatever you just said? We were momentarily... distracted.

Sleipnir has better sense than to let the boys be in charge of the supplies , though it is anyone's guess where she acquires her stuff. On Castle Wulfenbach, Sleipnir is seen wielding an interesting spear, quite similar to a Leister spear.

When she appears in Mechanicsburg, she plays the hot pipes.

The Novels[]

The version of Sleipnir who appears in the novels is pretty much the same as in the comic, though she's not Agatha's roommate, the latter woman instead being stuck with Zulenna. There's also a throw-away line which strongly hints that she and Theo are already a romantic item while on board Castle Wulfenbach.

The Works[]

The Sleipnir O'Hara card in The Works lists her only as Mechanic and depicts her holding a large wheel.

Possibly relevant outside information[]

Along with the aforementioned pun, her given name is the same as that of the Norse god Odin Allfather's eight-legged horse, but since Dublin was a Norse city, it may just reflect on some near relatives.


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