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The Secret Blueprints was published in standard comic-book format in 2001 as Issue #0. It was reprinted for a time on the Studio Foglio website before being taken down, and the information in it quickly became outdated (and possibly non-canonical). A PDF version is now available for a buck and change on

Issue #0 is important to the fans because it contains a great deal of information not revealed anywhere else. It's where we get hints about Klaus's origin as a construct and the fate of his family, a brief history of the Long War, as well as interesting factoids about some of the more minor characters such as Bang and Boris.

It is important to note that this issue is not necessarily canon. Much of it was written before changes in the story were made. However, it does not really contradict anything we know, so if an answer can be found in The Secret Blueprints, fans will tend to take that answer as "good enough".

Table of Contents[edit | edit source]

Page Title Pg #
Title page 1
Introduction 2
Agatha Clay/Agatha Heterodyne 6
Adam & Lilith Clay 7
Dr. Tarsus Beetle & Transylvania Polygnostic 8
Dr. Silas Merlot & Dr. Hugo Glassvitch 9
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach 10
Gilgamesh Wulfenbach 11
Boris Vasily Konstantin Andrei Myshkin Dolokhov 12
The Jägermonsters 13
Clanks 14
The Castle Wulfenbach Airship 15
Von Pinn 16
Ardsley Wooster 17
Krosp 18
Othar Tryggvassen 19
Bangladesh Dupree 20
Moloch & Omar von Zinzer 21
The Hopefully Unnecessary Glossary Mimmoth! 22
Studio Foglio 23
Credits and copyrights 24

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