Girl Genius
Girl Genius

Agatha's First Clank[]

"Well well well. This is interesting."
Klaus upon first seeing it [1]


Agatha's first working clank, built in her sleep after her locket was stolen, from parts lying around Clay Mechanical. It was programmed with two main instructions: first, find one (or both) of the thieves by examining every person encountered; second, when a thief is found, bring him back to Clay Mechanical. As a first creation for a Spark beginning to break through, this was considered rather benign.


It's no longer in working order, as a result of a big brouhaha in the shop after Klaus and Gil track it back there, discovering and misinterpreting the presence of Agatha and Moloch von Zinzer in the process. Jägermonsters Zudok, Stosh and colleagues disable it with a Clank gun when the Search Engine moves to protect Agatha from Gil. The destruction, undoubtedly, didn't please the Baron as he had hoped to study the device and learn more about the freshly-minted Spark who'd created it. Sadly, you can't make an omelet, or a good story line, without breaking eggs, and sometimes, clanks.

Its technology has appeared several times afterwards.

The Works[]

The Works has a card for Agatha's First Clank, also considered Giant, Unwieldy, and Machine. It is depicted as much larger than in the comic, towering over Agatha, who is presenting it proudly (rather than being unaware of having created it).

Similar to the way Agatha's life started over, you are instructed to shuffle your hand into the deck and draw a single card.

Possibly relevant outside information[]

The tractor belonged to Herr Ketter . This is likely a reference to Greg Ketter.