It's got some snap to it

The concept of slapping assorted fillings between two slices of bread and chowing down on the resulting gestalt is known to the citizens of Agatha's Europa. In the Mechanicsburg area, along with more familiar chicken salad and beef tongue, snails and bats are on the menu often enough that they have all acquired their own "diner lingo" title: respectively, the Botched Construct, the Martian Princess, the Racing Trilobite and the Red Heterodyne. There's also the rather pricey kosher schlognwurst; perhaps it's just as well we haven't heard what its nickname is.

And that's what the normal(ish) humans eat, when Jägers come calling, you can add in literal greasetrap cheese and (raw) mystery meat, and even a Prince of Sturmhalten's Big Bet: one hat sandwich, to go! Indeed, an offhand comment by Tarvek hints that Jäger-sandwich construction may have truly impacted Europa's history. (Probably still filling in the craters..)

Ol' Man Death, a sandwich maker of some renown, is naturally familiar with all of these, possibly to his regret in some cases; his adventuresome tale is told in the short side-story Maxim Buys a Hat.

After sleep-building the Othar-Rescuing Clank on board Castle Wulfenbach, Agatha makes and eats a sandwich from components supplied by Gil.

During a brief break in the action in Castle Heterodyne, Gil eats a sandwich offered to him by Zola, filled with some sort of crustacean; in Agatha H. and the Voice of the Castle, we are informed that it is a Deep Fried Crunchy Castle Crab, a Sparkily-enhanced species of louse. It is evidently quite delicious, but even Mechanicsburg citizens have their gastronomic standards, and so feed them to, yes, prisoners in the Castle and (eww) tourists.

While in England, Krosp engages in a sandwich-stealing spree with his fellow heroes. Unfortunately for him, Gil retaliates by lacing one of them with ghost pirate peppers.

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