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Girl Genius

The Book[]

As Agatha is in a tunnel under Mechanicsburg, preparing to follow Carson von Mekkhan to the Heterodyne family crypts, Krosp is reading a book apparently entitled "Revenge of the Weasel Queen". The nature of the book is not revealed; it could be a comic book, or a trashy novel, and we are given no particular reason to suspect that it might be a Heterodyne story.

The Radio Play[]


She speaks well for herself

The Revenge of the Weasel Queen (divided into parts one , two and three online and published in Girl Genius:Nuts and Bolts), is a 45-page radio play (in the form of comic) produced by the TPU Department of Almost Certainly True History about an adventure of Agatha Heterodyne and her friends... and Othar Tryggvassen as well. It's also about the title character Ferretina, who most emphatically is not one of Agatha's friends.

Agatha & Co. travel to a small town menaced by the Weasel Queen's "lapinemoths", giant fangy rabbit creatures who speak quite clearly for all the teeth. As Othar is blithely led away, serving as bodyguard to the curiously-dressed young woman the party encounters in the woods, Agatha, Krosp and Zeetha discover she was the dreaded Weasel Queen herself!

Meanwhile, Othar finds her both not really a brunette and very friendly as she confesses her life story — but she turns on him when he rejects her utterly!

What will happen next? Will Agatha & Co. rescue Othar reluctantly in time? Will the Weasel Queen finally find acceptance? Will the Professors Foglio and cast make it safely away from a really annoyed Lady Heterodyne in time to bring us one more installment?

To find out, tune in again for the further adventures of Agatha Heterodyne: GIRL GENIUS!

See Also[]

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YouTube Versions[]


Revenge of the Weasel Queen pt1

Part 1: Revenge of the Weasel Queen.


Revenge of the Weasel Queen pt2

Part 2: Revenge of the Weasel Queen.


Revenge of the Weasel Queen pt3

Part 3: Revenge of the Weasel Queen.