Quintillius Harmon, Lord Snackleford, is a member of Her Majesty the Queen's Right Puissant Society of Sages, Adepts, and Prometheans and works in the Society's submerged laboratory complex in Londinium. His friends call him Snacky.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He has pale skin, very unruly orange hair, and near-opaque dark red-orange googles through which can be seen glowing eyes. He also has a round, brass-colored frame seemingly riveted into his chest displaying a glowing circle, bright at the center and fading away towards the edges. As noted below, he eventually undergoes a fairly radical change in this department.

Factotum[edit | edit source]

When introduced, Snacky is responsible for day-to-day operations of the Society's dome, though it's never made entirely clear what his actual job title is. He welcomes Agatha to the dome; he looks for the missing Professor Homlomium; he introduces Agatha to everyone at a Society party; he questions Smokes about the need to summon Lord Bunstable; he is first on the scene (although initially more interested in the drinks than in the people in the room) when Bunstable's combustion sets off the fire alarm; he accuses Agatha of being at fault. He expresses skepticism about the existence of a "Boilerghast" in the Dome's plumbing systems.

Second Ascension[edit | edit source]

And, not terribly surprisingly, he turns to be heavily involved in the "Grey Hood" conspiracy which killed Homlomium and eventually does a spot of Abomination-Summoning in an ancient temple beneath the dome. While it's still an open question whether he's the conspiracy's ultimate leader, after a hostile encounter with Tarvek and Higgs, he is the one who personally attempts to use a modified Summoning Engine to make a mental transfer with the Extradimensional Being who is pulled forth into Europa's level of reality, and thus advance himself to a "second stage" level of Sparkiness, as Queen Albia did so many centuries ago. This effort is successful , and his first act as an uber-Spark is to show that he (very very unsurprisingly) has no interest in sharing this power with any of his fellow Grey Hoods (again, warned/foreshadowed by Albia).

Uber-Snacky's reign proves to be very short-lived; he immediately gets into a conflict with mentally-revived monster-enthusiast Dimitri Vapnoople, who summons up a bunch more unwelcome visitors. Agatha is able to banish all of them back where they came from, sending Snackleford into a very ill-timed Sparkish rant which Vapnoople takes full advantage of, grabbing his distracted opponent and tossing him into the monster-swallowing vortex. He then reconsiders and follows Snacky into the breach, intending to seriously get in touch with some monster-controlling power; so far neither has reappeared.

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