The Queen of the Dawn is the title of a rather mysterious woman who appears on the European scene following the Timeskip, quickly gaining a reputation as being a unifying peacemaker who begins bringing numerous northern fiefdoms under her sway. After hearing a report of her latest diplomatic triumph/conquest, now-Baron Gil states the opinion that she is an aspect (or at least servant) of The Other who is using Slaver Wasps to achieve her successes. Tarvek later agrees with this assessment, as does the Lord High Conservator of the Immortal Library, who has kidnapped Tarvek away from Gil in an attempt to fight her growing influence.

An opera house in Paris is staging a production about and/or starring her entitled La Reine de l'Aurore. Madame Velix the Geister is evidently in charge of this, along with smuggling masses of miniature Hive Engines into the city; Velix openly wears the Queen's sigil. Velix's[1] ally the King of the Silver Lands announces that he has pledged allegiance to a "glorious Queen" who his daughter Larana identifies as The Other, and may be the QotD.

The Queen finally appears in person at the Paris costume party being held by Grandmother and Seffie, making an unexpected, uninvited and very ostentatious entrance via customized airship. According to eyewitness Tarvek, her true identity is Zola Malfeazium, and she eventually removes the mask seen above, confirming that he is correct.


  1. He's at least working with a Geister, if not Velix herself.
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