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Girl Genius
Members of the Queen's Dome kitchen staff , being directed by the Head Chef (at the left in the main panel) carrying a large edible sculpture of Agatha Heterodyne as a mermaid. This sculpture plays a small but key role in the plot. (Hadrian Rakethorn also appears in a small inset panel in the upper left.)

The Head Chef, other members of the kitchen staff, and their pièce de résistance!

The Queen's Society Dome Kitchen Staff is a rather awkward, fan-coined name for the kitchen staff of the undersea dome in submerged Londinium which houses Her Majesty the Queen's Right Puissant Society of Sages, Adepts, and Prometheans, more often referred to as the Queen's Society. The members of this group seem to be extremely skilled chefs adept at preparing highly elaborate and decorative feasts. None of them are referred to by name in the comic and their individual positions on the staff are never elucidated, but one older man with gray hair and a handlebar mustache is obviously in charge and is referred to below as the Head Chef. At one point he states that he is also a member of Her Majesty's Diplomatic corps.

In the comic[]

This group plays an active and important role in the story during the period before and, especially, after Agatha's party encounters the Deepdwellers. We first hear of the staff when Dimo reports finding survivors who have barricaded themselves in the kitchens. (There have been a series of violent and fatal encounters and conflicts in the Dome.) When Dimo finishes off the final set of monsters threatening them, the staff starts preparing a meal as thanks. No one goes to eat right away because they are all engaged in removing Lucrezia's Essentia from Agatha's head. Later, when the Dome's self destruct sequence has been activated (after even more violent and fatal encounters and conflicts), Dimo remembers the staff in the kitchen. Feeling responsible because he told them to stay put, he sets off with Hadrian Rakethorn and Maxim to rescue them.

When Dimo and the others finally get to the kitchens (after a long series of delays), the staff are delighted to see them. To thank Lady Heterodyne and and her companions for ridding the Dome of the cultists and other nasties, the staff has prepared a twelve course gustatory celebration: the Lady Heterowine and Dine! The pièce de résistance of this feast is a presumably edible[1] larger-than-life sculpture of Agatha as a mermaid, complete with trident and not-strictly-accurate starfish. Before the Dome self destructs, the staff somehow manage to cart everything onto the escape submarine.

After the sub is disabled due to the shock wave from the exploding Dome and then rescued by Ahnkokanth and the Deepdwellers, the sculpture is seen by the leader of the Deepdweller contingent and his acolytes (Gooblot and Yeller Tayle) leading to a misunderstanding about Agatha's true nature. This in turn leads to frantic construction of a mecha-mermaid costume.

The feast itself is presented to the Deepdwellers and they consume it with great enjoyment. The fact that they regard it as literally irresistible nearly causes a fatal crisis, but Dimo's quick thinking saves the day.


  1. The Agatha-as-mermaid sculpture is described as "presumably edible" here since no one is ever shown eating a piece of it. Based on the color of the sculpture alone, it could be made of ice. But, since it shows no sign of melting after being at room temperature for quite some time, and because Dimo, when referring to it, says he smells chocolate and cognac, it seems to be a very fancy dessert.