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The Queen's Mirrors were/are a system of gateways scattered widely across the surface of the Earth which allowed for instantaneous travel between them. Zeetha makes the first mention of a Queen's Mirror: she says Agatha's description of the Monolith matches Queen Luheia's Mirror.

A Mirror appears as a glowing green slab or monolith, positioned more-or-less vertically; the perspective is strange. It can remain opaque even when active and ready to accept travelers. However , connected mirrors can also open in a way that allows individuals on both sides to see each other.

Each Mirror has a patterned border, and is typically surrounded by distinctive dot-and-line ornamentation and statues associated with the Great Ancient Civilization. The Mechanicsburg gate has a bracketed torch mounted to one side which appears to spew greenish flame when the Mirror is functioning/open.

In one scene some quasi-alchemical symbols can be seen on the surface of an inactive Mirror. It's unclear whether they're part of the Mirror itself or were drawn by someone else. No other Mirror so far is shown to have these, or shown this close for that matter.


Queen Albia of England and her sister immortals extensively used these devices to travel and communicate between their various realms during the golden age of their rule, to the point that they often did not know where said realms were more mundanely positioned in relationship to each other.

According to a legend passed along by Zeetha, the original inhabitants of her homeland Skifander emigrated there from an unknown location via one of these gates.

As old as Albia and handful of other surviving Queens are, the gates are evidently even older[1], their original creator(s) are currently a mystery, and the network eventually "went dark" and could not be reactivated. This is now known to be at least partly due to the actions of Lucrezia Mongfish, who hunted the Queens through the Mirror network and caused many mirrors to go dark, one by one, eventually leading to the collapse of the whole network. Albia seems to believe that Queen Sianna was responsible for this final collapse of the network, and that she caused the remaining mirrors to go dark in order to impede Lucrezia, but this has not been confirmed. Later remarks by Lucrezia imply that she was responsible.[2]

The mirrors do continue to work erratically.[3] Agatha is unwillingly dragged through a Mirror (AKA the Monolith) located in the depths of Red Cathedral in Mechanicsburg, ending up in The Refuge of Storms. During this process, The Abbess of the Cathedral pushes at one of the Mirror's controls, either activating it or setting its destination. A flashback depicts a scantily-dressed Klaus Wulfenbach carrying an infant while passing through a mirror in rather dramatic and action-packed fashion.[4] It has not been officially confirmed in-comic, but it has been established thanks to external material that the infant is Gil, and the duo's departure-point was Skifander.

Lucrezia knows how to reactivate them, one at a time at least. Connecting to a remote mirror with Material Harmonics requires something from the destination point (fragment of Londinium bedrock, for example), which is most likely the reason for Lady Steelgarter's quest to procure a genuine Skifandrian artifact (why would she want to return to there is still not totally clear). Connection can be established with some inferior energy source (or possibly without it at all), but it'll only allow visuals and sound to pass through. Matter transfer requires connecting a stronger power source, such as an active Queen's Flame.[5]



Status unknown[]


  • The Collection also contains a globe which marks the location of Queens (and thus presumably Mirrors) around the world.
  • Albia most likely has another one under her more direct control, particularly the one she wrested from Lozz , possibly located in the Queen's Henge.
  • Presumably in Ubar in the possession of its Queen Ishtar-Re.
  • An atypical-looking version located in The Refuge of Storms, presumably destroyed. (GURPS supplement claims it wasn't a gate proper, but a device spoofing the channel, and it connected only to the Monolith above)

Border Patterns[]

Almost every Mirror has a pattern around the arch, which, assuming the depictions are consistent, assists in identifying a particular gate.





No Pattern[]

Related Devices[]

During the semi-canonical side-story Homecoming King (Illustrated by Cheyenne) set at Transylvania Polygnostic University, we learn that the ancestor of the Heterodynes, Ghengis Ht'rok-din, made full use of something strongly resembling the Mirror network, in particular when he won the so-called Two-Hour War by attacking with the advantage of surprise. A student also mentions a map of Ley-Lines, which may be a map of the entire network or relate to something else as yet not mentioned in the adventures. The gate which actually appears "in person" in this story shares similar carvings on the surrounding wall as the ones seen elsewhere, but appears to have an entirely different gate mechanism powered by an inserted orb and allows for time, rather than distance travel.

Possibly Relevant Outside Information[]

In the non-GG world, there is a "gate" visually connecting Dublin to Vilnius.