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The Sacred Henge

The Queen's Henge is a site, sacred and dedicated to Queen Albia of England, several hundred kilometers north of Londinium.[1] It was created by Albia the second time she broke through, and is used to contain some of her most important artifacts.

The Henge has the notable property of confusing, or "mazing", the minds of those who visit it in a special way (at least, "uninitiated" minds). This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to remember exactly how one visited the site itself, or any given location within it; within moments of turning a corner, one cannot remember whether one traversed it from the left or right.


The tower concealed by the henge.

Additionally, the Henge produces a number of illusions. For instance, it divides the night sky around it into "stripes" that show incompatible scenes. (Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, for instance, sees multiple full moons in the sky during his first visit to the Henge.) Most importantly, it conceals the tree/tower/city at its core. This complex contains many of the Queen's secrets, including the Well of the Queen's Memory, which contains all of the knowledge that Queen Albia wishes to retain, but which cannot fit in her own human mind.

Time Dilation[]

It is possible that the striped sky, the split moons showing very different background scenes, the memory losses, and the tower's invisibility may be due to time and space being artificially folded.

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