The Polar Ice Lords are a faction that seem to rule the northern polar regions of Europa. (Evidently more "Russia" than "Scandinavia".) They are mentioned by Gil when talking to Zola about bad governance; he describes them as taxing their subjects' use of fire. They are later mentioned by Tarvek when talking to some Jägergenerals where it is stated that a Doom Wyrm of theirs was responsible for the death of the Jägergeneral Øsk. They are also responsible for other draconic creatures such as the Great Sky Wurm, one of the last of these being taken and used by Gil following a unsuccessful Ice Lord challenge to his post-Timeskip authority . (Gil later admits that his campaign was greatly helped by the fact that a whole bunch of the Lords' troops mutinied and surrendered to him.)

When Agatha and Co. are in England, a report arrives that the Ice Lords have launched a massive attack on northeastern Europa, with a million troops backed by snow demons. This prompts Queen Albia to order Gil to return to the continent at the head of a British airship armada to lead the defense; he sets off with Tarvek, Dimo, Seffie and Kjarl Thotep in tow.

Novelization[edit | edit source]

The are first mentioned by Master Payne as examples, along with Petrus Teufel and Lucifer Mongfish, of typical Sparks in the popular imagination.[1]

Later, their bizarre trip to Paris is described.[2]


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