Ollie, a.k.a. Captain Otto Kadiiski, is a member of Master Payne's Circus of Adventure. He's a mechanic who may or may not have the Spark, and who definitely has an affinity for pistons. He first appears in the scene where new arrival on the scene Agatha establishes some credibility with master mechanic Rivet, and engages in a bit of one-upmanship himself.

His mechanical hand can be turned into (or replaced by?) a cannon.

In the Heterodyne shows he plays the comic drag role of Judy.

He accompanies the rest of the Circus when they travel to England, and gleefully assists Agatha when she comes up with a Sparky surprise for their host Queen Albia.

Novels[edit | edit source]

The novelization lists his full name, and hints that the title is the result of previous military service. His diction is slightly different, as might be expected from a nonnative (Bulgarian, perhaps?[1]) speaker. In the strip, when he reappears in England, his diction changes to match that displayed in the novel.

It's also mentioned at one point that he snores so loudly that soundproofing was (somewhat futilely) added to his Circus wagon.


  1. Kiril Kadiiski is a real-world Bulgarian poet.
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