"Yesterday you took out a whole army of clanks!"

"That was a small army--this is a big spider!"

--Agatha and Gil, arguing over who has to save Zola from the Nyar Spider
Nyar Nyar

The Variegated Knife & Fork Spider[1] is a large spider-like creature that happens to make the sound "Nyar". The first one seen was capable of wrapping up Zola "Heterodyne" in webbing in a matter of moments. It then stood on her head, pulled out a fork and knife (custom large-spider-sized cutlery no less), and triumphantly shouted "Nyar!" again. It was soon squashed by Moloch, who mentioned that while they aren't poisonous, they are "really, really icky." Another appeared shortly afterward, armed with knife and fork as the first one was (again icking Agatha out), but was bypassed.

The Nyar Spider is unique to Castle Heterodyne.[2]

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The Spiderroach is another carnivorous creature found in Castle Heterodyne that says "Nar".

The "Nyar" is a reference to Narbonic and Skin Horse[3] , both by Shaenon Garrity, a "beloved arch-rival."[4]


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