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Maxim is one of the three wild Jägermonsters who help Agatha and friends in all manner of combat situations (combat, after all, being what Jägermonsters are good for). He is the one with a purplish complexion and small but prominent fangs. He's also the one who contributes his hat (Jägers prize hats greatly) to commemorate the passing of the late Lars. Maxim, along with Ognian and Dimo, seems to answer directly to Jenka. He is the most resigned of the group and speaks less than the other two Boyz.

Introduced here , as Master Payne's Circus of Adventure gets ready for a performance in the town of Zumzum.

Lookin' bishounen

He uses a sword in battle, augmented by some sort of prosthetic arm/glove. Official reports state that he was formerly a cavalry officer. Maxim claims to have never loved but that doesn't stop him from wanting to teach Gil how to impress de gorls , whom he likes looking at. .

Speaking of looking, he starts out being fairly attractive by conventional human standards; in the Cinderella holiday story he makes a pretty ugly step sister and vies for the princes' attention with gusto . However, as the strip progresses, he acquires the beginnings of a Pinnochio-type nose . It is likely this is just an artistic decision, but with Jägers, you never know. (That glove-thing of his tends to mutate over the course of the strip as well.)


It may be that Zeuxippe, the grand-daughter of Ol' Man Death is attracted to Maxim. In the last panel on this page , Maxim is walking away from Ol' Man Death's shop in freshly-hatted triumph, and in his hand is a note, reading Call me, and signed with the letter Z, probably Zeuxippe. A fan has written a follow up story. Visit the Jaegermonstern dating guide.


At San Diego Comic Con 2008, one lucky fan (dressed in a fantastic Maxim costume) got the chance to sit down with the Professors and have a Q&A about the character and about Jägers in general. She kindly passed along the answers.[1] Some things we learn about Maxim are...

  • The Foglios never decided what Maxim's metal arm thing was. (Or first seen here ? All previous appearance to 18 pages earlier natural (purple) colored?) It just looks cool .
    • However, his paper doll has two normal hands, suggesting a glove instead of a prosthetic replacement.
    • His first appearance also shows his bare arm exposed while hanging, supporting the idea.
  • Maxim was born when Phil Foglio drew a funny sketch of a bishounen Jäger to entertain Kaja. She loved it so much, she insisted on making him a regular character in the comic.
  • There's a chance we may see a mini comic about Maxim getting a new hat! Said mini comic can be viewed here . False alarm, the real story can now be told .
  • At 250-300 years old, Maxim is the youngest of the the wild Jäger trio. (This is debatable as for Oggie to have ONLY great, great grandchildren, his descendants would have to have waited to an average of 50 years old to have kids. It is likely that Maxim is older than Oggie.)
  • Maxim's hearing is better than Oggie and Dimo's, for Dimo tells him "Hyu gots de goot ears" when he hears the alarm gongs in Mechanicsburg.