Given to him by Da Boyz as a sign of respect, Gil's hat is truly the pinnacle of Jäger fashion.

When Gil leaves the lower levels of Mamma Gkika's bar, where the Jägermonsters are having their daily fight, The Unstoppable Higgs is given the honor and duty of Hat Bearing . Being the intelligent fellow that Higgs is, he knows when to "crown" Gil and when to ditch it (but it was recovered ).

Features of the Hat[edit | edit source]

  • Proud display stating "Gilgemesh Wulfenbach - Schmott Guy" (or "Wulfenbash", the spelling of the legend changes from scene to scene)
  • Vivid color scheme
  • Spikes
  • Wings
  • Fire

Current whereabouts[edit | edit source]

Gil wears the hat again to "herald" his return to Castle Wulfenbach (much to the surprise of everyone he meets there), and although he is at first suspected of being an impostor by the staff; the hat serves to clinch his identity.

After he confirms that he is indeed the real deal to Boris, he immediately orders an officer to hide the rather voluminous chapeau and "never speak of it again". Captain DuPree comes rushing to the room after hearing news of a magnificent hat, but by that point Gil has begun completely denying its existence.

According to the print novel Agatha H. and the Siege of Mechanisburg, the hat eventually turned up in an abandoned Wulfenbach outpost on the Azores, and was then added to the collection of a museum in Paris.

Proof positive.

Notes[edit | edit source]

The appearance of this gift is foreshadowed in this comic .

Oddly, the wings that first appear[1] on the hat are no longer in evidence when Gil enters[2] Castle Heterodyne.

A "Magnificent Hat" is also a card in the game Munchkin from Steve Jackson Games. It was illustrated by Phil Foglio (a number of other webcomic artists did card art as well) and features a proto-Jagermonster in such a hat.

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