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The Heart of England.

Londinium is the capital of England. It is one of the portions of the country which has been submerged and the resulting collection of undersea domes is thus known as "The Glass City," with one public entrance via a collection of tall statue-topped air-and-seaship docks called The White Spires, along with separate submarine docks. Another entrance is Battersea Tower , which appears to be used for greeting more problematic visitors to England's metaphorical shores.

Londinium is the residence of Queen Albia, along with the location of the headquarters of her illustrious Society, and (in one of the larger domes) is the home of the Royal Collection of Inconvenient Oddities. It is possibly the city that Ardsley Wooster and Trelawney Thorpe call home when they are not out and about on The Continent.  

One newspaper published in the city is the Londinium Moon.  

The city employs modified sealife such as whales and octopi to provide advertising displays and infrastructure inspections .  

According to Hadrian Rakethorn, large sections of the city were destroyed when Dimitri Vapnoople somehow prompted the Great Cetaceans to attack Albia's realm.  

Possibly Useful Information[]

"Londinium" is/was the name by which the real-life London was known when England was ruled by the Roman Empire.

The aesthetics of the city's submarine fleet are modeled after the eponymous vessel in the animated film Yellow Submarine.

The White Spires is a likely reference to the White Cliffs of Dover. Both serve as an entrance to England.