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In many ways, the Norse god Loki could serve as a patron for the Spark and thus much of the Girl Genius world.

Although often understood (particularly in a dualistic system) as "evil", Loki's role is actually that of "trickster": his "alignment" is closer to "chaotic neutral" than "neutral evil" in the quadratic alignment system.

Like the Greek Titan Prometheus, Loki brings fire[citation needed] to humanity, the first significant technology, for which he is tortured for Eternity.

  • Point of order? To my understanding Loki is tortured until Ragnarok because he killed Baldr for the lulz. Also, between Thor, the closest thing to an undeniably "good" god among the Aesir and the one who sponsored Loki's membership in same, explicitly calling him an "evil creature" in the Lokasenna, and his actions during Ragnarok, when he takes his monstrous children and fights for Surtr who intends to burn the world to ash, he might not be the classical Abrahamic Lucifer that he tends to get compared to, but he was distinctly an enemy of the Aesir, and by extension humanity, and for all intents and purposes, evil.--Necrotas 06:58, February 18, 2010 (UTC)
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