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Although most of Gilgamesh Wulfenbach's library is not seen (nor legible)[1][2], a few titles do stand out and provide some representation of the state of documentation available to those with opportunity.

  • 10 Mistakes That Will Get You Blown Up
  • A History of the Gearweasle
  • Big is Good
  • Blue
  • Build Your Own Friends
  • Creatures at Brunch (possibly Creatures That Eat Brunch)[3]
  • Creatures of the Day
  • Creatures of the Night
  • Cultivate a Maniacal Laugh
  • Das Maniacal
  • Fun Gear Ratios[4]
  • Glassblowing With Hiccups
  • The Glass Dirigible
  • Graveyard Humor[5]
  • The Heterodyne Boys and Mystery of the Cast Iron Glacier
  • The Heterodyne Boys and the Pneumatic Oyster
  • The Heterodyne Boys and the Race to the West Pole
  • How to Avoid Our Friend (sequel to Our Friend Lightning)
  • How to Build a Death Ray
  • How to Build a Lair
  • How to Hire Minions
  • How to Play the Organ
  • How to Spot a Rotten Brain
  • I Robot, You're Okay
  • Machines That Shouldn't Work
  • Mutation
  • Oops!
  • Our Friend Lightning
  • A Pane in My Gut (probable sequel to Glassblowing With Hiccups)
  • Pulleys of the World
  • Reanimating a Dead Joke
  • Red
  • Spark With Style!
  • Taxes for the Mad[6]
  • They Called Me Mad
  • Trelawney Thorpe, Spark of the Realm, and the Glass Dirigible
  • Trelawney Thorpe, Spark of the Realm, in the Seraglio of the Iron Sheik
  • What's What
  • Who Built What
  • Who's Who
  • ZAP!!

(Other titles spotted elsewhere which might be prudent to mention here are Baron Klaus's copy of Raise a Child Alive[7] and Vanamonde von Mekkhan's tome Bean There, Done That.)