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Girl Genius

The leading expert on the comparative technological styles of sparks is Baron Klaus Wulfenbach. The Baron has made an extensive study of what makes a spark a spark and how different sparks invent. This research has lead the Baron to certain conclusions about the identity of the Other.[1]

Until the Baron publishes his research, students of Transylvania Polygnostic University must draw their own inferences concerning styles from the publicly-known creations of the sparks. Unfortunately, few sparks have enough known creations to demonstrate a theme. Agatha Heterodyne's signature creation appears to be miniature self-replicating clanks called Dingbots. Direct evidence is scarce, but Lucrezia Mongfish seems to have favored swarms of miniature creations as well. Gilgamesh Wulfenbach has produced at least two lightning-based devices. Aside from the bewildering array of military technology he has accumulated, the Baron's first love appears to be study of the spark itself.

Other styles are easier to imagine than to document, such as:

Sparky Fields of Study[]

If the fields of mad science were ever clearly divided, the sparks have spent centuries trying to break through every wall they could find. For example, students of TPU still hotly debate what is and is not a construct. Still, it is possible to compare some similar sparky creations. This section primarily compares creations having known makers (or, in some instances, owners).


Almost all sparks at least dabble with mechanical automata. The acknowledged master in the field was Van Rijn, whose muses seem not only to have sophisticated bodies, but perhaps emotions and other qualities as well. Honorable mentions go to Tarvek Sturmvoraus for clank brains and voiceboxes , Faustus Heterodyne for building Castle Heterodyne's sadistic AI, and to Agatha Heterodyne for self-replication and the creation of the first artificial spark, as well as to the author of the many, many clanks in the Wulfenbach armed forces (presumably Klaus-modified designs). In a broad sense, a clank is anything that goes "clank", though sticklers cite the ability to act without an operator as the difference between a clank and other machines.


Leaders in the field of rays, guns, bombs, and other portable combat tools include Agatha Heterodyne for always having her priorities straight and the author of the multitude Wulfenbach armaments (presumably Klaus). Gil rather fell behind in this discipline, but seems to be catching up rapidly .

Devices and Vehicles[]

Leaders in the field of non-autonomous mechanisms include the Baron for sheer size and Agatha Heterodyne for once achieving perfection. It is unclear whether reproducing a device (e.g., vehicles like Vienna 707 or an airship) is a spark-level task or whether it is merely the work of a skilled mechanic. Note that clanks and weapons, while often mechanical in nature, are numerous enough to have separate categories.


Leaders in the field of living creations include Lucrezia Mongfish for unnecessary roughness in the game of child care and The Other for basic wasp technology. The Baron and Gil earn honorable mentions for carrying off some tricky procedures .

Medicine and Chemistry[]

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Relatively few sparks dip into the messy mix of chemistry and most of those who do concentrate on concoctions for use in the body. Relatively little is known about other aspects of spark-level medicine. Sun Jen-djieh is probably one of the leading living spark physicians. (See also Category:Pharmaceuticals.)

Pure Theory[]

One of the leaders in the investigation of fundamental mysteries is the Baron, for his extensive study of the spark itself. In the apocryphal The Dragon from Mars, the storyteller suggests that Lucifer Mongfish studied teleportation portals. Agatha will be known to have used a portal, as Enigma and the "Eternal Lady" have (On this topic, see also Queen's Mirrors). Prof. Tobias Homlomium gained a reputation of terror for his work in eldritch theoretical physics .

Getwin Mittelmind is notable for being one of the few mad social scientists . Simon Voltaire is - reportedly at least - focused on the arts, and Wrenkula specializes in spectaculars .

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