Girl Genius
Girl Genius

Intermittently, the staff of this wiki will stage a poll for general amusement and/or decision-making purposes.

Which name is best for this wiki?

What's your favorite Girl Genius one-liner?

What's your favorite bit with the Jägerkin?

Out of the list below (living or... otherwise), who would you most like to see again?

Which licensed toy do you want the most?

Zola "Heterodyne" will most likely...

Have you attended or will you attend an SF/F or like convention this year?

Which hinted-at or historical character would you most like to see make an appearance, either in present day or in flashback?

Pick one.

What color will the prettiest frog in the pond turn next?

What did Tarvek learn from Gil's family records aboard Castle Wulfenbach?

What will happen now that Agatha has shut the castle down?

Who is that unmasked manhumanoid?

How wiki readers use the lj link on Page-by-Page forum pages.

The Jägerkin from left to right are...