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Girl Genius

In the Foglio-verse as in real life, all manner of interesting stuff happens in the public watering holes. Here are some of the places fitting this description that have been named in the story (not all of them actually shown or visited, however).

Name of bar/tavern/inn 1st mention Location Notes
Brazen Pangolin TavernBrazen Pangolin[1] Tavern 2003/03/31 Beetleburg The name "Brazen Pangolin" refers to The Scaly Anteater; obviously, this is an example of Foglio humor.
Island of the Monkey GirlsIsland of the Monkey Girls 2004/03/05 Paris Zola "Heterodyne" worked there; Gilgamesh Wulfenbach was a patron.
Busted ClankThe Busted Clank 2005/06/22 Zumzum Othar Tryggvassen, Gentleman Adventurer hangs out there when he's in town
Rusted SwanThe Rusted Swan 2005/10/14 Sturmhalten Dubious business practices, according to Aaronev Wilhelm Sturmvoraus
Gunnerkrigg CourtGunnerkrigg Court 2007/03/19 Mechanicsburg Advertised on a billboard at the town walls. Indoor plumbing!
Burlew's RestaurantBurlew's Restaurant 2007/03/21 Mechanicsburg Advertised on a billboard at the town walls
Hetero DinerHetero Diner 2007/04/25 Mechanicsburg On the town square; features "seafood and land food"
Rinja's coffee shopRinja's coffee shop 2007/05/21 Mechanicsburg Real name is evidently The Sausage Factory, seat of Mechanicsburg's shadow government (i.e., Van)
Last Walk tavernLast Walk Tavern 2007/08/24 Mechanicsburg Hangout for riff-raff when Castle Heterodyne first became a prison
Mamma Gkika'sMamma Gkika's 2007/12/19 Mechanicsburg Doubles as a first-aid station for Jägermonsters
Black Spot Tea House, TheThe Black Spot Tea House 2020/10/02 Hall of Privateers, Londinium Branch Although it's billed as a teahouse, "There's rum in everything!"


  1. In the original black and white version of Volume 1, the word "Pangolin" on the sign for this tavern was obscured by a text balloon, so that only the last three letters were clearly visible. In the "colorized" version, the text balloon was moved to allow the entire sign to be read.