A former cheese maker's apprentice who got hooked on theater and the traveling life after seeing a performance of The Heterodyne Boys and the Mystery of the Cast Iron Glacier, Lars was part of Master Payne's Circus of Adventure. He played Bill in the Heterodyne shows and was one of the advance men for the circus.

He was a "great big chicken", and although he was not a spark, his unusual ability to sense danger was commented upon by other members of the troupe. He also experienced panic attacks after stressful situations, notably the small encounter with the Monster Horse Beastie (which, to be sure, would provoke panic in a far sturdier psyche than Lars'). On this particular occasion he took a Calming Pie to the face, but it didn't help much, to the mortification of the Chef, who's proud of his Calming Pies. Having Agatha on guard with a great big monster-killing gun proved much more effective at calming him, reasonably enough.

Although he had something of a ladies'-man reputation, he fell hard for Agatha, enough to inspire him to go deep (literally) into the most dangerous place he had ever sensed and rescue her from Aaronev Wilhelm Sturmvoraus, and this all before he learned she was a Heterodyne . He died saving her from a very, very angry Baron Klaus Wulfenbach and was deemed an honorary Jägermonster auxiliary by Maxim, who gave his hat for the burial.

Even though Lars and Agatha shared kisses on stage, and he dropped not-so-subtle hints to her about his interest, the flirtation mostly went over the head of the less-worldly Agatha and she never acted on them until it was too late .

The Novel Edit

The version of Lars who appears in Agatha H. and the Clockwork Princess is pretty much the same as the one in the comic, except that he and Agatha's off-stage romantic relationship progresses a little farther before the dramatic events in Sturmhalten cut things short.